1 11, 2015

OMG, The Walking Dead… I Can’t Handle It

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Well then, that happened. Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was so intense, I can’t even directly mention it in the title or here without first giving critical spoiler warnings. So, read on at your own peril for season 6 episode 3: “Sorry.” No seriously, it’s your fault if you haven’t seen it. This post contains HUGE spoilers about The Walking Dead. You’ve been warned — 3…2…1…DEAD LIVE! [...]

1 11, 2015

9 Things I Hate About Apple TV 4th Generation – Updated March 2016

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Apps aren't enough to make it great. That first sentence could be my entire post. I have no idea how Nilay Patel at The Verge could give this a 9/10. Christina Warren at Mashable called it "fantastic" and a "huge improvement". Was she using the same device I have in front of me today? My experience was the exact opposite of Nilay and Christina. Go ahead and call me a negative nancy, but too many long-standing issues remain for me to give this device a good rating. Unfortunately, there are so man [...]

17 02, 2015

Comcast Xfinity Apple TV Activation – Updated

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**We've added a list of apps with Comcast Xfinity Apple TV activation to the end of this post.** If you're an Apple TV user and a Comcast Xfinity subscriber, you've probably wondered why the steps to activate certain channels on the Apple TV don't work. It doesn't seem to be an issue with Apple's software. It appears that Comcast doesn't want certain channels like History, AETV, Lifetime, etc. available to Apple TV users. Comcast is actually dense enough to make this a difficult process without [...]

15 02, 2015

SNL 40 was Awesome – You Should Watch It

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SNL 40 was one of my most anticipated television events of the last month. I'm excited to say that the show was epic on all levels. Minus a few directorial snafus, the show had an amazing mix of old and new cast members, popular hosts, and musical guests. I've been a fan of the show forever. I haven't been around for all 40 years, but I've seen almost every episode thanks to the invention of reruns. If you were wondering about the 3.5-hour length, it's worth every minute if you're a fan of Satur [...]

11 02, 2015

Confession: I Love My Apple TV

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You may recall that in a previous life I wrote for the now-deceased TUAW. In 2009, I wrote a short diatribe detailing my hatred for the Apple TV. At this point, the Apple TV was 2 1/2 years old, and I had struggled with it for about a year. If my memory is correct, that piece grew to be one of the most popular things I ever wrote; clearly, the frustration resonated with many others. I don’t say this to toot my own horn but rather to calibrate your understanding of how bad the Apple TV really was [...]

2 02, 2015

Best Super Bowl Commercials – 2015

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This year's Super Bowl commercial lineup received mixed reactions at best. In fact, some of the commercials were downright scary or depressing. We're certainly not going to include any of those in this list, but we will share the ten best Super Bowl commercials for 2015. First, let's address the elephant in the room: what on earth was Nationwide thinking with their dead kids commercial? You can see it here if you must, but we're not going to embed it because of its disturbing content. If you put [...]

29 09, 2012

Reflections of a Revolution

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This isn't an OAR tribute or a Beatles reference.  This post will focus on NBC's new show, Revolution. If you haven't seen it, watch it.  Then come back here and read this post. Now, since you've seen it... wouldn't that be awesome? I'm not condoning militia-rule or killing others for the sake of power.  I'm merely suggesting that losing technology, as we know it, would be wonderful.  Consider the fact that you're reading this post on a computer, or mobile device, that didn't exist twenty years [...]

14 01, 2012

Steve Carell Makes Cameo Appearance as a Queerenstein Bear on The Office Episode 811: Trivia

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I hadn't seen any mention of this on the internet as of yet.  Since it aired a couple days ago, I'm guessing that most people didn't notice.  Steve Carell (formerly Michael Scott of The Office) made a cameo appearance on the latest episode as a member of "Team Queerenstein Bears." In an interview with Matt Lauer on 'Today,' Steve said that he probably wouldn't be back to the set for any cameo appearances... obviously that wasn't true.  If you take a close look at the ambitiously bearded fellow i [...]