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The alarm chimed at 4:40am. I quickly shut it off to avoid getting an earful from my soundly sleeping wife. After grabbing my CamelBak bag, a camping chair, a good book, and a little wish for luck, I raced down to my local Apple Store.

A total of 6 hours in the “non-reservation” aka “not invited” line (would have been more, but for the need to work for a living), 4 different stores, 5 phone calls, being ticked off countless times due to continually dashed hopes…7 days later, iPhone 4 was mine.

After that long fight, now I find out that I, especially as a lefty, can fairly easily end calls without even trying?

Was giving my time, patience, and hard-earned cash for what I’ve lovingly christened “the holy grail phone” a worthwhile investment? How could any idiot possibly want a phone that has a noticeable flaw in its simple ability to be an actual phone?

As if matters couldn’t get worse for Apple and their claim that iPhone 4’s issues are only software, the fearless watchdog Consumer Reports now explains that it cannot in good faith recommend the phone to its careful customers without an Apple remedy.

I’m sure you can imagine how well my few shares of Apple stock, which I’ve been holding on to in hopes to cash in for an upcoming get-a-way, have been doing. Urgh.

Is it time to flock to the all-capable Droid? What about returning to the time-proven Blackberry? Heck, maybe I should dust off my Motorola Razor… after all, the monthly plan would be cheaper, and who doesn’t love the midi ringtone capability!

Is the iPhone worth your investment? Absolutely.

Let me give you a quick picture of my day. In the morning, a check of email, news, and catching up on my Words With Friends games, and I’m ready to start breakfast. Throughout the day, I’m reading iBooks on the highest-resolution screen available on any mobile device. I’m finding out what my friends are up to with TweetDeck and 4square. What if I can’t get to a TV to check out my beloved Rockies and their run for the pennant… no problem: MLB.TV has me covered with free-streaming audio and real-time scores. “Wait, those are just apps,” you might say, but with iPhone 4’s blazing speed, I can switch between apps, email, and anything else seamlessly and immediately. And, that major purchase we’re looking into, but my wife can’t be present for? I can email her an HD Video and talk to her on FaceTime before making a decision. The list could go on and on, but the bottom line… iPhone 4 is the most useful, simple, and capable phone I’ve ever seen.

Yes, the reception issue is a serious matter that must be addressed, but there’s one thing that many writers have failed to explain: Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend the iPhone 4 for purchase… but they’ve rated this phone higher than any other smartphone in existence. Pretty good for a product that has some obvious flaws.

We’re awaiting your response, Steve. In the meantime, this is the sweetest phone ever – even with the flaws – and it’s keeping us distracted.

What about your experience? Are you glad you took the plunge?


Josh Carr
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