When I initially heard about TweetBot, I thought, “Dear, God… another Twitter client for the iPhone?” After reading tweet after tweet coming through our @socialapples twitter account, I finally decided to take it for a spin. I didn’t know what to expect. I heard that the user interface design was amazing; that it was better than the actual Twitter application (what isn’t?) and that people were impressed with the amount of thought that went into the app. When you enter the twitter client market so late in the game, you need a great app. Let me tell you this, they almost have the perfect Twitter client.

TapBots impressed me with their Lists features right off the bat (take a look at the gallery below). I have been organizing all of my Twitter accounts into lists so I’m not completely overwhelmed with tweets every time I login. Before TweetBot, I was using Twitter’s client and it didn’t have good list management. I had to tap into my profile every time I wanted to view a list… no thanks. TweetBot makes that easy and gives you one tap access to all of your lists for each account. Awesome.

Speaking of beautiful, the UI (user interface) design is stunning. There’s not one ounce of recycled design. They started from scratch and thought, “How do we want this to look?” They ended up with my favorite UI of any app I’ve every used in the App Store. I do not make that statement lightly. It’s all easy to understand and very intuitive. For the denser people in their audience, they’ve included a short tutorial of the app that appears on first launch. It tells you about Lists, Conversations and Related tweets, double tap and triple tap functionality, and the customizable tab bar at the bottom of the Timeline.

If you tap into Settings, then scroll to the bottom and tap Support, then tap View Help, you’ll find the initial tutorial. They also have a list of FAQs and tips there. My favorite tip was how quickly you can report a spammer from TweetBot. Just tap and hold the user’s avatar. An action list appears that allows you to follow, unfollow, add to list, direct message or report them for spam.

So what’s missing? It’s easy to sit on twitter and do a search for TweetBot. There are 40 to 50 tweets going out about it per minute. The biggest complaint everyone has is the lack of landscape mode. I’ve personally never used it, so I don’t miss it at all. In fact, I hate landscape mode on the iPhone in general… the lack of vertical height kills me. Another is the lack of push notifications: something else I don’t want from my Twitter client. I’d be vibrating all day… and I don’t view that as a good thing. All of the other ‘problems’ that come up are either available in the app (and people don’t know it) or non-issues for me. Either way, you can’t stupid-proof an app… it’s just not possible.

I can say it enough: this is one of the best iOS apps I’ve seen in a long time. I hope they make it universal and develop an iPad app. I primarily tweet from my phone but it would be awesome to see what innovative things TapBots could come up with on the larger screen. Congrats, TapBots, TweetBot is a wonderful app.

What do you think TweetBot is missing?

Josh Carr
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