Mac Rumors has a great post outlining some things that Steve said to the Infinite Loop Apple employees this past week. Two independent sources have confirmed that the following bullets are topics that were discussed in the town hall meeting:

  • Steve was very candid about their relationship with Google. He explained that Apple didn’t get into the search business, Google came into the phone business. He’s obviously not very happy about the situation and as a result… we’re going to get better software and hardware for the iPhone. Supposedly, we’re going to see updates so aggressive that Google and its phone OS, Android, won’t be able to keep up with the pace.
  • Steve specifically called Adobe lazy, and that’s the main reason they’re not supporting Flash on the iPhone OS. The Mac Flash client has been notorious for being… well, garbage. We’re sure that Apple is afraid that the iPhone client would be even worse. According to Steve, the majority of reported desktop/laptop crashes are caused by Adobe’s Flash. He also went on to boast about the advent of HTML5, saying that no one will be using Flash in the near future… the world is moving to HTML5. CTA actually hopes that’s true, but we know what it takes to change a standard: 5-10 years.
  • Jobs was as heavily involved with the iPad as we had suspected. It has been his primary focus since he returned to Apple at the end of June.
  • Apple expects to integrate Lala into the iTunes team, which means it hasn’t happened yet. We’re still expecting the North Carolina server farm to host a large amount of North American iTunes content. We may even see it expand to support the streamed music and TV subscriptions we’ve heard so many rumors about.
  • Supposedly, the next iPhone we see will be an “A+” update. That’s not very in-depth, but we can assume better hardware… and please let there be more customizable software!
  • The Macs coming out in 2010 will set Apple apart from the rest of the industry… interesting, because we expected hardware revisions on the 27th, but didn’t see any. Will we have to wait until June? Either way, Steve said they’re not pursuing Blu-ray adoption until they see a solid increase in BR sales. Makes sense: I’ve never bought a BR disc because of the price tag. I have player in my media center, just haven’t used it for anything except rentals.

It’s nice to hear some of this stuff. If you’ve ever spoken to Steve in person, you’d know that he can get pretty passionate about many things… especially things that frustrate him (like Google and Flash). But, I’m probably one of the few in the room that can realistically say that. ;) It pays to have been a Mac Genius.

Josh Carr
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