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Poof is a Jailbreak-only app that allows you to hide icons that you don’t want showing on your springboard. It’s very simple, yet very effective for those of us who really don’t want all of the stock iPhone applications, especially since there are now better apps available in the iTunes App Store. See what we mean after the break…

Apple included a small selection of applications that have ended up on the last page of our springboard in recent days. The most prominent of these being the built-in Weather app. It’s too simple compared to our current favorite, WeatherBug of which we’ll review later, and would be deleted if it were possible. We also have a selection of apps that we just don’t use frequently that have been bumped to the last page. Do you use the iTunes Wifi Music store? Really, seriously? Didn’t think so. We honestly couldn’t care less about YouTube on the iPhone. Stocks… well we actually use our laptops for those updates. Lastly, we just don’t use our Calculator app enough to waste precious space on our springboard.

Poof takes care of this dilemma for us by removing the apps from the springboard without uninstalling them. We’d prefer that Apple allowed us to delete whatever app we wanted, but we’ll settle for hiding it because that may never happen. The app itself is very simple; you have a list of all the installed apps on your mobile device, and through the use of an on/off switch, you hide or show any app you want.

We only gave this a 7 out of 10 because we want more. We seem to remember an app that would allow you to file your apps within folders. A similar functionality with Poof would be nice. We’d really like to be able to hide a ton of apps within Poof, and then launch them by opening Poof at a later date. If we had that functionality, we would give it a perfect 10. It would just become too much of a pain to hide and show apps on a regular basis.

Any questions… Any other thoughts… leave us a comment.

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