iMac and Mac Pro supplies are running low at the Apple Stores and Starcraft 2 is coming on Tuesday. Tuesday could be the best day since the Steam release for the Mac Gamers in the audience. The iMacs are well overdue for an internal upgrade… not a re-design, just a spec bump. The Mac Pros… well, they’re running dangerously old processor generations that has put them pretty far below the bar for power users. We’re hoping to see a complete re-design of the Mac Pro since it (and it’s predecessor) hasn’t seen one since the initial PowerMac G5 launch during the summer of 2003.

In the rumored updates, we could see better base model processors, better graphics cards (please give us more RAM!), the potential addition of Blu-Ray, FireWire 1600 or 3200 — and — USB 3.0. Apple is notorious for introducing new technologies on their desktops before they begin to phase them into their laptop line. It’s widely expected that we’ll see something completely new in this round of updates. Are we sure that they’re coming Tuesday? Nope… we just want something awesome to use for Starcraft 2.

While we doubt that Apple would release new hardware in conjunction with the launch of the most anticipated game of the year… we still hold hope. On Tuesday, July 27, Blizzard will finally release its new version of Starcraft for the Mac and PC. Looking at the video above, the cut-scene game engine appears to be similar to Doom 3. Slightly cartoony but still stunning graphics. From the little we’ve seen, the gameplay seems to be very similar to the original… Terran, Protoss and Zerg — some units have the same abilities, others have been heavily upgraded. To this day, I play the original Starcraft when I’m feeling nostalgic: I cannot wait to start playing this game.

If you’re just as impatient as I am, you can download Starcraft 2 via the digital purchase package. It begins downloading the game now… but you’ll be able to install, activate and start playing at 10am PDT on the 27th. It’s a 7GB download, so get going. Now we just have to wait for Diablo III

**Update** is now confirming our predictions based on a blog post from Gruber. In addition to the suspected new Macs tomorrow, we may see the rumored Wacom-styled tablet from Apple (Magic Trackpad) and new cinema displays that match the quality and resolution of the current generation iMacs. We’re rooting hard for new Xserves but get your desktop hats on folks, tomorrow could be a doozy.

Josh Carr
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