This one’s for all of the baseball nuts out there. Some call me foolish, others understand the necessity for a hardcore fanatic to follow every game, out and pitch of his favorite team… mine just happens to be the Colorado Rockies. I once had a friend ask me, why the Rockies? Yes, they’ve only been around since 1993, but it was about that time when I started to play baseball and really enjoyed watching a new club rise to success. After an unbelievable streak last year that eventually brought them to the World Series, I vowed to never miss another game… at least, watch the highlights. More after the break.

So what exactly does this app do? To put is simply, it shows you scores for today’s games, recaps from yesterday, and upcoming games tomorrow. It also shows replays of the games’ highlights at a surprisingly good resolution. When looking at a game from yesterday, you can watch the highlights by tapping the video camera. You see the scoreboard, who pitched and their stats and a direct link to more stats about the game at Watching today’s games shows you the “live” scoreboard, pitch-by-pitch, outs, who’s pitching, who’s at bat and a link to the pitch-by-pitch on Checking out tomorrow’s games will show you the start time, game location, who’s pitching and a link to the pitch-by-pitch for tomorrow’s game. That’s it. A very simple game updater that will keep you in touch with your favorite teams.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Really? I spent 5 bucks for scores? I can go to the website and get that for free.” We’re sitting here watching the San Diego Padres playing the Cincinnati Reds and aren’t very impressed with the “live” updates. While watching the game via GAMEDAY, we’ve been comparing the updates from the live website to the updates available for the app. Let’s just say, don’t place your bets while relying on this application. We found that the refresh cycle is pretty ridiculous in the application itself. In GAMEDAY, you may only be a few seconds behind the game. In MLB at Bat, you can count on being at least a minute behind all of the time.

If you just want a recap without statistics, the app is great. If you are a hardcore fan like me, you will be greatly disappointed that there aren’t any statistics for batters, who hit what when, and that the refresh rate is exceptionally poor. It’s surprising to me that we pay for an application that has less functionality than the web-based version. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Stuff we need to see in the next version or else we’re jumping ship:

  • Subscriptions? — You heard us right, you’re paying a subscription for the rest of this season. That means next season you have to buy another subscription to use the app. If I have to re-buy a crappy application to get crappy features, I’m sticking with the website. If they add the following features, I just might consider another purchase.
  • Pitch by PitchWe realize that the app includes a watered down version of this already… meaning a balls and strikes updater, but we need to see live updates and where the ball was hit, that sort of thing.
  • User-definable Refresh Rate Self-explanatory. Let us choose how quickly the information refreshes itself.
  • Favorite Team Selector — It would be great if we could select our favorite teams and sort the days’ games by them. Right now everything is sorted by time, I want to see the Rockies at the top!
  • More Stats We just want more info! At least give us what we can get for free online.
Josh Carr
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