Yeah, you read that right: approximately 10,000 Microsoft employees are using iPhones. We’re not too surprised by this information. People know what good phone software truly is… and that’s not Windows Phone. Even with the upcoming Windows Phone 7, we may see a lot of people scrambling for their hidden iPhones after its release.

Nothing is final yet, but it looks like Microsoft has decided to kill multitasking from the Windows Phone 7 release… they’ve also taken copy and paste. Maybe we’re missing something here, but wasn’t Microsoft very vocal about the lack of these two features? Windows Phone 6 has both multitasking and copy and paste. So what’s up with the disappearing act?

If the new Microsoft mobile OS does ship without those features, it’ll make a pretty big argument for an iPhone. Considering the rumor that iPhone OS 4.0 will have multitasking (the 3GS hardware is more than capable of it), it seems like a very strange move for Microsoft to chop such crucial features from their new OS. The 10% of Microsoft employees hiding their iPhones will surely increase; maybe Steve Ballmer would swallow his pride and go to an Apple Store?

We’ll never say that the iPhone is the perfect mobile device, but it’s pretty close. We can’t wait for iPhone OS 4.0 to come out… and we really hope that it lives up to our expectations. However, here we are close to the end of March, and there’s still no talk of a 4.0 beta. Is Apple closing the door on developers for the time being? Could we still see an official release this summer? With the amount of people in the developer program, information leaks out very easily; we’ve even obtained access to betas just to see what’s new. Would Apple limit the beta to a select few developers? We hope not, but still wouldn’t put it past them. Let’s forget about OS 3.2 and just move straight to 4… sound good, Apple?

Josh Carr
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