So, you want to run iPhone OS 4.0 beta on your device?

As things progress with the Cocoa Touch Apps website, we’re looking for more and more ways to help connect with our users. We’re going to be trying out different applications that we’d like to use for reader interaction. In order to do that, we’re going to need beta testers for our apps on iPhone OS version 4.0. We’d really prefer people with 3GS phones, but will allow 3G users as well. It is not currently available for the iPad. We do charge a nominal fee of $10 to make sure that we’re getting people who are really interested in iPhone OS 4.0 beta (but it is open to anyone). Obviously, this gives you access to the beta software so you can keep track of our development.

If you’d like to sign up as one of our beta testers, we’ll need your Unique Device Identifier, or UDID for short. You can find this from your Mac by downloading the iPhone Configuration Utility and copy the number under the blue box in the picture above. Once you have that copied to your clipboard, click the “Pay Now” button below. Make sure you paste the UDID into the field that lets you leave special instructions for the seller. Once we receive notification of payment, we’ll add your UDID to our list of devices and send you the download information for iPhone OS 4.0 beta. Please remember that we are not selling the beta software, we’re merely giving you access to our pre-release software as a beta tester — and in return you need to be running iPhone OS 4.0.

Please note that Apple states that the software is still under development. This means that there could potentially be bugs. I haven’t seen anything that’s harmful or disables features but I know that some people have had little glitches here and there. Please be aware of that when signing up for our beta program… but it’s still very cool and worth it. :D

You can also view this information on our Beta page. If you have any questions or run into any issues, please email

Josh Carr
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