About a month ago, TUAW.com did a piece on a brushed metal backcase for the iPhone 4. We loved the look of it and decided to grab one for ourselves so we could put it to the test. It looks like there’s been such an overwhelming demand for metal backcases (plates, whatever you want to call them) that the company responsible is shipping multiple options. We purchased the beveled gunmetal backcase if you’re interested in this one. Otherwise there’s plenty of options to choose from on their website. We’re not here to advertise for them, so let’s get to the point.

Ever since we found out that the iPhone 4 had a glass backcase we wanted a different solution. We were happy to see this pop up… it means we can take our iPhone out of the case and just put it back into the bumper. We didn’t feel that the bumper offered enough protection and a group of no-good iPhone repair guys decided to drop test it, furthering our feelings about the case. With glass on both sides of the phone, you double your chances of breaking it and spending good money to get it fixed. There’s not much you can do about the front glass, but the back glass can be replaced with this… and we’re excited. At our repair company (RMMR) we decided not to repair the iPhone 4 due to the added costs of a laminated screen assembly. Honestly, any place that’s repairing it for less than Apple’s replacement price seems questionable (the parts are expensive). So, the repair technicians in us want to say, “get a case or grab one these for $15 and save yourself the hassle of broken glass.”

Josh Carr
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