For those of us who have been a little busy lately (sorry about the lack of updates), we probably don’t know as much about the iPhone 4 as we’d like. Here’s a little list of stuff that’s new.

The new Retina Display has a super-high resolution and pixel density that won’t be that obvious at first, but if you take out your original iPhone, iPhone 3G or even the 3GS, you’ll notice a difference right away… if you have good eyesight.

The camera now takes even better pictures and shoots 720p video. It also has a flash. Every picture we’ve taken seems to be much, much… much nicer than the iPhone 3G or the 3GS.

The processor is quicker and it has 512MB of RAM (double the 3G and 3GS).

Overall, the iPhone 4 will prove to be zippier and nicer in many aspects, but there are still a few features that we’re a little surprised about.

The whole phone is made of glass. Glass that will break. It’s supposed to be harder than sapphire crystal, but it’s definitely still breakable. You’ll want to pick up one of Apple’s Bumper cases or a full-fledged case for it. Repairing them won’t be cheap.

The reception has been somewhat of an issue, but it’s not replicable on every device. Basically, depending on how you hold the iPhone 4, you might be able to decrease your cell reception or even get to a no service situation… not good. I’ve not been able to replicate it on any of the demo phones at the Apple store, but there’s definitely enough phones having this problem to mention it.

There may be yellow spots on your iPhone screen, but we don’t see that as a reason to worry just yet. Supposedly, there’s an adhesive on the screen assembly that might not be fully evaporated before you take the phone out of the box. Just use the iPhone for a couple days and the spots will probably go away.

That’s nothing that will keep me or anyone else here at CTA from buying the device… but as a heads up, it may not be smooth… but it’ll definitely be worth it.

Josh Carr
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