This hasn’t been covered much in the media yet, but we feel it’s important to explain what happened with reMail and why it’s been removed from the App Store (per Google). reMail was an application, available for iPhone and iPod touch, that “re-imagined” the mobile email experience and was recently purchased by Google. It provided a powerful search tool for your email and really did some things better than the default iPhone mail client.

The founder, Gabor Cselle, is no stranger to the online world. He’s been a part of the Gmail team and was the VP of Engineering for Xobni (Outlook search plugin). reMail was backed by the builders of Gmail and the founders of FriendFeed. That’s a pretty impressive resumé. Google could easily argue that this acquisition was strictly talent-based, but here are the real questions: why an iPhone company, and why kill the app?

Several sites are calling this deliberate sabotage against Apple by removing the best email capabilities from the device. We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple was considering the acquisition only to be out-done by Google. The way these companies have been bickering (albeit secretly), it’s only a matter of time before we begin to see cut-throat decisions from one side or the other.

Another possible solution: Google obviously isn’t purchasing companies to sell their apps in the App Store, they’re buying them for their talent. With that said, would it make sense for them to continue supporting the app instead of focusing their resources on innovation? Nope.

Sabotage or creativity, this is an app that many users will miss.


Josh Carr
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