In a somewhat surprising move, Apple actually increased the 3G download size to 20MB from the previous 10MB.

If you were out and about trying to download applications on your iPhone, you were only allowed to download it if the app size was 10MB or smaller. That size was increased to 20MB today. It appears that it’s not world-wide. Some countries are still reporting the 10MB cap, but thank goodness U.S. AT&T customers are good… otherwise we might see some serious uproar.

This is great news for those of us who are away from Wi-Fi a lot. We tend to do most of our app updating and downloading while we’re waiting for stuff to happen. Waiting in line at the grocery store, check for app updates. Waiting for the guy at Starbucks to detail his no-whip venti double mocha triple espresso slim (whatever), browse the top downloads. This applies to iTunes content as well: download the latest music video while you’re in the bathroom at the movie theater. Apple is obviously working with wireless providers to make our experiences better.

This also comes at an important time before the iPad launch. Keeping an iPhone application under 10MB isn’t necessarily an easy task. Now imagine doing that with nearly triple the screen resolution. In order to make things pretty, you’re going to bump up the graphics, thus increasing the app size. It’s still going to be difficult to keep feature-rich apps under 20MB for the iPad.

Before you worry, we’re not concerned about the increased size blowing up the data networks… most people don’t pay as much attention to app updates as they should. I sometimes check my wife’s phone and she has 15-20 app updates that she’s never done. Me: umm… why? Her: it takes too long. This change won’t necessarily speed up the process but, updates or new installs, this will make a lot of people a bit happier with AT&T (and Apple).


Josh Carr
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