During the iPhone 4 press conference last week, Steve Jobs showed us the first few videos of their new web series: “Hey, these phones suck too.” We got a peak at BlackBerry, Samsung and HTC all demonstrating the same signal issue as the iPhone. Since then, they’ve dedicated a whole page on their website to the accusation of other mobile companies. They followed the pilot episode by adding the Nokia N97 Mini: this appeared to be directly related to Nokia’s blog response. We came across episode three this morning which features the Motorola Droid X.

Here at SocialApples, we think the term “fanboy” describes us perfectly, but we also had enough of this finger pointing bulls**t in high school. We thought Apple showed a lot of class this morning when the started automatically refunding iPhone 4 bumper purchases… but this kind of 8th-grade-he-did-it-she-did-it garbage really needs to end. Apple’s PR nightmare, which started with haters and video cameras, has been complicated by their ever-lasting desire to smear the world with videos of other smartphones having signal issues.

How much is too much? Apple has opened the floodgates to PR backlash, slander lawsuits and so much more. What’s the point, I mean, really? This isn’t improving their PR crisis. In fact, it’s making them look like that kid in the corner with his finger up his nose crying for mommy.

At this point, everyone knows the iPhone 4 has signal issues. That’s not going to change. Even with a bumper, we’ve been able to reproduce the death grip. Take a look at our video from last weekend: it clearly shows that the signal drops a lot easier on the iPhone 4 when compared to the iPhone 3G. There is some reasonable truth to theory that it will happen with any phone. You can block signal from practically any wireless device… but that still doesn’t explain why some users can reproduce the issues and others can’t. I’m on my second iPhone 4: I can reproduce the death grip, easily. I couldn’t get so much as a bar to drop with my first iPhone 4. Same part of town, same signal, same person, different phone. Coincidence?

I, personally, still hold true to the fact that there’s a hardware issue with the iPhone 4… and it’s not something that Apple’s willing to fix. Are they sitting on unreleased information, or is it really a non-issue? We’ve speculated enough, so let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Josh Carr
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