Were you wondering where the Guitar input came from during Apple’s Keynote on Wednesday, we were. Gizmodo dug it up and determined that it is the Apogee Jam: studio quality guitar input for iPad, iPhone and Mac (we assume they’re including the iPod touch as well). The adapter converts your signal from 1/8″ jack analog to USB. You can use Apple’s 30-pin connector for iOS devices or USB for the Mac. Starting March 31, you’ll be able to pick this up for $99. Apogee says this on their website:

  • PureDIGITAL instrument connection for pristine sound quality
  • Designed specifically for electric guitar and bass
  • No configuration, just plug in and play
  • Easily adjust input levels for any instrument
  • Multicolor LED for status indication and input level monitoring
  • Made for GarageBand, Logic, and MainStage

They also include a “Ready to Rock” status light that turns blue when it’s not communicating with the software, green when everything’s hooked up properly and red when your input is too loud for Grandma. It’s also totally plug and play… if it’s compatible with the App you’re using, it’ll just work. We’re hoping that it will work with Agile Partner’s Amp Kit in addition to GarageBand. The sounds that Amp Kit produces are very impressive. Apogee says that they’re testing it with other applications and will create a list of those apps once they confirm compatibility. We’d love to see Apogee create another one of these with an XLR input for vocals or other instruments. Of course, you could run into phantom power issues with some microphones but that seems like a small barrier to make GarageBand truly portable. Even better: portable podcasting… yeah, that’s hot.

With the amount of built-in effects on GarageBand, we wouldn’t be surprised if musicians started using this or Amp Kit for their portable effects (we’re thinking about it). Plug the guitar in and control your effects with a touch interface… then just run the audio out through the headphones jack and send it to your favorite sound system. The iPad would be great for that but imagine a portable effect processor in your pocket: yes, these apps are compatible with the iPhone 4. We’ve contacted Apogee to ask about compatible apps, the chances of a XLR version and to see if we can get a review unit t0 put through the paces for you.

Check out their website for more pictures and specifications.

Josh Carr
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