4 02, 2011

Verizon iPhone 4 cannot be unlocked

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This post will put all of the rumors to rest: you will not see an unlock for the Verizon iPhone. We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the complication involved with the Verizon iPhone unlock is two-fold: it's completely illegal, and every unlock would require carrier-specific adjustments to succeed. If you were to follow @MuscleNerd and @pytey on Twitter, you too would have come across this information.  The conversation started with MuscleNerd tweeting this: An "unlock" of next week's i [...]

20 10, 2010

Dev Team releases a new and improved Pwnage Tool

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The new Pwnage Tool came out this morning right before Apple's Live event.  Obviously, we didn't have time to cover it... and we won't be able to cover it fully until we jailbreak our iPhone 4 and Apple TV here at the office.  But, we'll go ahead and get you the pertinent information so you know what you're getting into. In addition to the slew of already existing iOS devices, the Apple TV is now hackable via the Jailbreak from Pwnage Tool.  At this point, it's not a feature-rich jailbreak.  The [...]

2 08, 2010

Ultrasn0w for 4.0.1: T minus 48 hours

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A tweet from @planetbeing this evening stated that he (and @MuscleNerd) have a working unlock that is ready to go with the iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0.1.  They've been testing it privately and -- after today's jailbreak -- are testing it in an exclusive beta for the next 48 hours. After that point, as long as they don't run into anything glaring, we should see Ultrasn0w for every iOS device running firmware version 4.0.1.  Please keep in mind that the unlock is not yet supported for iOS 4.1.  In fact, A [...]

2 02, 2010

iPhone firmware updated to 3.1.3

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Apple let loose the 3.1.3 firmware update this morning. Here's what it includes: Improved accuracy of reported battery levels on the iPhone 3GS. Fixed an issue with some third-party applications that wouldn't launch. Fixed a bug that caused some applications to crash when using the Japanese Kana keyboard. If you are running Apple's unmodified iPhone OS, then feel free to press the update button. The iPhone Dev-Team is strongly encouraging people who are Jailbroken and Unlocked to stay away from [...]

1 02, 2010

CTA Presents: The State of the Jailbreak Address

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We follow the Jailbreak/Unlock scene very closely here at CTA… not because our iPhones are necessarily running on T-Mobile (we want 3G not EDGE) but because we don’t want to be restricted in the Applications we install on our Apple mobile devices. Unfortunately for us and for you, there hasn’t been any new iPhone unlocking news for nearly three months. This is partially due to the fact that Apple hasn’t released new firmware in that amount of time… one of the lon [...]

3 07, 2009

Cocoa Touch Apps on Twitter

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We don't always have time to write out a full-fledged CTA review, but we still want to keep our readers in the loop with all things Cocoa Touch... In an effort to still squeeze a little blogging into our already jam-packed lives, we'll be doing updates via twitter. We've been on twitter for over a month now, but haven't actually set it up to push live updates to the site until now. iPhone OS 3.0 appears to be working out pretty well - news did come out today about a vulnerability in the SMS prog [...]

24 06, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 Unlocked and Jailbroken

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Quick update here - Not much to it, but if you jailbreak, you'll like it. Go to blog.iphone-dev.com and download Redsn0w. You have to manually update to 3.0 via iTunes at this point, but if you're like me, you don't have a lot of jailbreak apps, just a couple themes that are easy to reapply. After updating to 3.0 - just run Redsn0w on your PC or mac, it'll do the whole jailbreak thing for you. After jailbreaking, add http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com to your repositories in either Cydia or ICY, sorry [...]

5 02, 2009

A quick guide to QuickPwn

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Considering that we’re going to be talking about jailbreak apps coming up soon, we thought that it would be a good idea to explain the jailbreak process in extreme haste. A good majority of our posts will be to-the-point and news-related so that we can continue our daily lives while keeping the site up and running. We will, however, provide our old-school style reviews when we get the chance. Continue reading for more information about QuickPwn and jailbreaking your device… [...]

22 09, 2008

Pwnage Tool & QuickPwn Now 2.1 Compatible (Updated!)

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***Update*** Looks like the windows version of quickpwn is out. We did it on our brand new iPhone 3G 16 GB… all we can say is nice! Worked like a charm. Let us know your results in the comments! P.S. Anyone who has news about Customize.app — please share. ***End Update*** Remember what we said about iTunes 8 would need a patch to allow pwange? Well, it seems that we — The Dev Team as well — were wrong but thankfully! iTunes 8 no longer requires a hack to install the cu [...]

11 09, 2008

Dev Team Vs. Apple : Fight!

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Before you get your panties in a wad… if your device is already pwned, it will continue to function normally and will work totally fine with iTunes 8. If you haven’t pwned your iPod Touch or iPhone yet but are looking into it, then you have some more work to do. It seems as though Apple is still battling the Dev Team’s antics at least somewhat: iTunes 8 no longer allows you to restore an unpwned device with custom firmware, your device must first be pwned or iTunes 8 must be [...]

30 08, 2008

Happy Update Day? — Dev Team Has Newer Stuff (Updated)

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The Dev Team blog writes that it’s Happy Update Day. We suppose that our happiness depends on what type of update it is. We’d really love to see another iPhone update that would improve the overall stability, but we’ll take what they offer: Pwnage Tool 2.0.3 which supports 2.0.2 firmware and QuickPwn ‘150’ beta that not only includes 2.0.2 support but also baseband unlock for first gen iPhones and YouTube fixes. You may remember that we predicted QuickPwn would j [...]

21 08, 2008

QuickPwn: Dev-Team Provides Easier Pwnage (Updated Again)

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Just hours before Apple released the latest version of mobile device firmware, The iPhone Dev-Team released a completely new application called QuickPwn. Earlier today, they developed a very basic and rough, though functional, version of the software available — believe it or not — only for Windows as of now (There is a basic GUI version available now). Their intention was to improve the feelings in the Jailbreak Community so that not every release is Mac-only right away. Read mor [...]