2 03, 2015

How I Use Facebook in 2015

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When I first signed up for Facebook in 2004, it was an invitation-only service for select colleges. My college was one of the first on the list. I thought it was an exclusive club only the cool people knew about. I guess, at that point, it was. A few years down the road, they decided to add high schools to the service. I thought it was terrible decision at the time, but it didn't really affect me, so whatever. Then the inevitable happened: they allowed everyone to join the service. It turns out [...]

12 02, 2015

People Hate Green Bubbles – The New Class Discriminator

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I'm judging you every time you text me. I don't actually care much, but there are plenty of people on Twitter who judge others based on the color of their texts. This is silly, right? Why would the color of my texts matter? Apparently, it means everything to some iPhone owners. They're absolutely appalled when someone sends them a green bubble. People hate green bubbles. If you don't believe me, do a quick search on Twitter for "green bubbles." You'll see tweets like this: If I'm texting you [...]

16 04, 2011

TweetBot: a Twitter client with functionality and style

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When I initially heard about TweetBot, I thought, "Dear, God... another Twitter client for the iPhone?"  After reading tweet after tweet coming through our @socialapples twitter account, I finally decided to take it for a spin.  I didn't know what to expect.  I heard that the user interface design was amazing; that it was better than the actual Twitter application (what isn't?) and that people were impressed with the amount of thought that went into the app.  When you enter the twitter client ma [...]