14 02, 2011

Apple is slowly alienating its friends

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We tried to come up with a movie reference that compares Apple to the popular kid who loses all of his friends due to poor choices but we failed to think of one.  Obviously, they have the hottest items on the market, just like the cool kid in high school... but they are making choices that will leave them without any friends.  Call it greed, call it obsession -- they could end up destroying some important relationships with their recent shenanigans. Sony has been trying to get out of the iTunes [...]

29 12, 2010

Paper books should come with digital copies

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This holiday season, I faced an unexpected, challenging dilemma: I had a few books to buy but I didn't know where -- or how -- to buy them.  First there was the argument of digital or old-fashioned paper.  On the paper side, you have to choose between hardcover and paperback... that's not too difficult.  The digital side has the option of buying through the iBook Store -- this assumes that Apple's iPad will continue to be the best digital reader on the market -- or play it safe with Amazon and d [...]