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10 03, 2015

I Don’t Believe in the Magic of Apple, but Not for the Reason You Think

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This is a difficult post to write. I’m not afraid of what people will think of me. I’m not worried that it goes against the last seven years of my life. Actually, it's difficult to write this because I believe people need to know the truth about Apple, and I have to figure out how to get them to listen. I don't think the Apple Watch is stupid, or that Apple is going downhill. I don't think they'll ever make a car, but they'll definitely improve our driving experience. I'm not writing this to hur [...]

29 04, 2010

Steve Jobs posts “Thoughts on Flash”

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In the typical Steve Jobs manner, Apple posted an article detailing his thoughts on Flash this morning. They didn’t add the letter to their typical “Hot News” page… instead they have a link to the article directly on the homepage. I was very interested in Steve’s actual perspective on Flash, but realistically, there’s not much we haven’t already heard Steve say at one point or another. After the break, we cover Steve Jobs’ main points [...]

26 03, 2010

Jobs and Schmidt meet for coffee… say WHAT?!?

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There have been countless reports about the souring relationship between Apple and Google... Apple has never stepped into the search market (and shouldn't) but Google continues to slap Apple with conflicts of interest like the mobile phone market, the introduction of Chrome browser and the inevitable Chrome OS. So, in a surprising move -- one that has the CTA staff baffled -- the two head honchos met for coffee a little earlier this afternoon. I. Don't. Believe. It. Just looking at the first pic [...]

31 01, 2010

The future of Apple according to Steve Jobs

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Mac Rumors has a great post outlining some things that Steve said to the Infinite Loop Apple employees this past week. Two independent sources have confirmed that the following bullets are topics that were discussed in the town hall meeting: Steve was very candid about their relationship with Google. He explained that Apple didn't get into the search business, Google came into the phone business. He's obviously not very happy about the situation and as a result... we're going to get better softw [...]