20 02, 2015

Best iPhone 6 Sports Armband

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It is every runner’s dilemma: what essentials should I have with me when I run without impeding my stride? In case of an emergency, you’ll probably want your phone, identification, and maybe a credit card or a little cash. I haven’t had to worry about this since my last half marathon in January of 2013. Yet, as I set my goals for the 2016 Houston half-marathon, I'll have this dilemma again soon. To fix this problem, I set out to find the best iPhone 6 sports armband to help me accomplish my goal [...]

23 07, 2008

MLB at Bat

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This one’s for all of the baseball nuts out there. Some call me foolish, others understand the necessity for a hardcore fanatic to follow every game, out and pitch of his favorite team… mine just happens to be the Colorado Rockies. I once had a friend ask me, why the Rockies? Yes, they’ve only been around since 1993, but it was about that time when I started to play baseball and really enjoyed watching a new club rise to success. After an unbelievable streak last year that e [...]