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19 10, 2010

Will Apple chomp Facebook?

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During Monday’s conference call, Steve Jobs got on the line to talk about a lot of things… he bashed competitors and praised the Apple business model but the part we want to focus on is the money. When asked what Apple would do with the $51 billion they’re storing in the bank, Steve said this: “We firmly believe that one or more unique strategic opportunities will present itself to us, and we’ll be in a position to take advantage of it.” Peter Kafka was the [...]

14 02, 2009

Mafia Live! Family Codes

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  So yeah... remember our post about the game Mafia Live!?  I've been browsing around and it appears to be accepted practice to spread your family codes around online.  I've found lists and lists of them all over the place.  So, I thought I'd start one for all of the CTA readers that we have out there. Here's mine:   649-998-556 Feel free to add me to your family.  I'm at level 33 and growing.  Be sure to leave your family code in the comments so other people can add you too! [...]

19 08, 2008

Palringo Has Been Updated. Verdict: Amazing.

By |August 19th, 2008|Categories: Articles, Tech|Tags: , , , , |

We reviewed Palringo a couple of weeks ago and weren’t able to give it the review we wanted to give. We were very impressed by the newest update of the application, so we thought we should post the update in a completely separate post. Read on for our main reasons to make this your default Instant Message client for your mobile device… […]


16 08, 2008

Apple Removes Push Notification from Latest 2.1 Beta

By |August 16th, 2008|Categories: Articles, Tech|Tags: , |

The latest version of Apple’s 2.1 Beta seed to iPhone and iPod Touch developers made its way out into the wild today. It pretty much ruined any hope we had of seeing a software update soon. As we mentioned before, those of us who are using 3G iPhone have basically given up until Apple can get their thinkers out of their poopers. Read on for more information. […]


28 07, 2008

Palringo — A New Instant Messenger

By |July 28th, 2008|Categories: Articles, Tech|Tags: , , , |

Palringo is a new Instant Messenger client that came out on Saturday this past weekend. We spotted it and decided to give it a shot over AIM. Palringo claims it does everything that AIM doesn’t, like photo messaging and even voice messaging. We think that it could be decent competition for AOL’s AIM client for iPhone but aren’t really impressed with the app just yet. Full review after the break… […]