4 03, 2011

Joint Venture, OnForce, Lion Server and business on the Mac

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For the last couple of months, Apple has been trying to improve their relationships with business customers.  Many people think that they've been doing the exact opposite: they killed the Xserve, they stopped referring ACNs (more later) and started referring everyone who needed onsite support to a company called OnForce.  While that sounds like a big "we don't care about business," many new developments show us that Apple wants to improve.  Let's talk about the Xserve first. It was incredibly aw [...]

25 02, 2011

Benchmarks for MacBook Pro (Early 2011)

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We said that we'd update you when the benchmarks came out for Apple's newest notebook lineup... it didn't take long.  The good folks over at Primate Labs ran geekbench on all of the new laptops from the 13-inch up to the 17-inch and they're amazing. We'll definitely be picking up the new 13-inch MacBook Pro since the performance is amazing.  It only goes up from there.  All of the new models score better than the previous generation.  Yes, the current 13-inch performs better than the last genera [...]