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2 02, 2010

iPhone prototypes and new model numbers

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Several sources are now claiming reference to new iPhone model numbers in the 3.2 SDK (and some in today's 3.1.3). Appleinsider also checked with their sources on a picture submitted to Engadget about the iPhone shown in pre-iPad release photos. Rumors say that the already-lucky Engadget got even luckier without realizing it. The iPhone in the picture is indeed the next generation device that will most likely launch this summer. It's unusual for pictures to be leaked, and it means even less for [...]

31 01, 2010

The future of Apple according to Steve Jobs

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Mac Rumors has a great post outlining some things that Steve said to the Infinite Loop Apple employees this past week. Two independent sources have confirmed that the following bullets are topics that were discussed in the town hall meeting: Steve was very candid about their relationship with Google. He explained that Apple didn't get into the search business, Google came into the phone business. He's obviously not very happy about the situation and as a result... we're going to get better softw [...]