15 02, 2011

Apple cripples iBooks for jailbreakers – Updated

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**** Updated 1/15/12 **** Most of you are coming into this post with the latest 5.0.1 jailbreak because it broke your iBooks app just like the 4.2.1 jailbreak in 2011.  Thankfully, there's a fix for you too.  Just today, @saurik put out an update to Corona in Cydia.  Version 1.0-4 is the latest edition of Corona and it's supposed to fix your iBooks issues.  Try that and you should be good to go. I just recently updated my iPhone to 4.2.1 thanks to the greenpois0n jailbreak.  Yes, I jailbreak... [...]

10 02, 2011

Jailbreak your iOS device with greenpois0n

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Sure, jailbreaks have been around for a long time now, but there hasn't been a good, untethered jailbreak for the current iOS software until Chronic Dev released their updated greenpois0n tool last week.  This Jailbreak even works with the newly released 4.2.6 Verizon iPhones.  We've had the opportunity to put it through the paces and we liked it. Please remember, this is for jailbreaking only.  Chronic Dev suggests using TinyUmbrella to preserve your baseband before you update but we're not cov [...]

20 10, 2010

Dev Team releases a new and improved Pwnage Tool

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The new Pwnage Tool came out this morning right before Apple's Live event.  Obviously, we didn't have time to cover it... and we won't be able to cover it fully until we jailbreak our iPhone 4 and Apple TV here at the office.  But, we'll go ahead and get you the pertinent information so you know what you're getting into. In addition to the slew of already existing iOS devices, the Apple TV is now hackable via the Jailbreak from Pwnage Tool.  At this point, it's not a feature-rich jailbreak.  The [...]

1 08, 2010

JailbreakMe is now available

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One of our favorite iPhone Hackers, comex, has released a brand new jailbreak for devices running iOS4.  It works with every iOS4 device and will even jailbreak 4.0.1. We find ourselves amused when we remember geohot's blackra1n jailbreak for 3.1.2 in November... he specifically asked us to donate if we thought it was the easiest jailbreak ever.  It was never the easiest jailbreak ever but it was the easiest solution of the day.  We now have officially experienced the easiest jailbreak ever: jai [...]

26 07, 2010

Library of Congress says Jailbreak/Unlock is legal

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For once in my life, I like the government.  The LoC has determined that jailbreaking or unlocking your mobile device is completely legal.  There's not much more to say than that.  Ever since the first iPhone jailbreak appeared, legality was a question in everyone's mind.  You own the device, shouldn't you be able to modify it in any way you see fit?  The LoC thinks so. The biggest part of this ruling is the potential that Apple will need to extend their warranties to the unlocked/jailbroken com [...]

29 04, 2010

Userland jailbreak “Spirit” coming soon to your iPhad touch

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Just for clarification: by "iPhad touch" we mean your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Spirit is an untethered jailbreak solution that will allow you to jailbreak (Not Unlock) your iPhad touch on the latest firmware without having to mess with software like Pwnage Tool, Blackra1n, Redsn0w or any of the other jailbreak solutions available. There is NOT a specific release date, but the developer has been waiting for the release of the iPad 3G... so we can expect it soon. In other words, within a few d [...]

25 03, 2010

Untethered Jailbreak announced by George Hotz

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George Hotz, better known as GoeHot in the iPhone community, has announced the ever-coveted "untethered jailbreak" for the iPhone, iPod touch and potentially... the iPad. What does "untethered" mean? We're glad you asked, because this is an important day in iPhone hacking history. Jailbreaking has historically been done by hacking the iPhone OS with a computer application -- ZiPhone, Pwnage Tool, Redsn0w, QuickPwn, Blackra1n -- they've all required the use of a computer to jailbreak your device. [...]

24 02, 2010

Apple’s dictatorship has lasted long enough

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By now, almost everyone is familiar with the fact that Apple "allows" us certain privileges with the iPhone OS. Be warned: this is an editorial piece that will most likely anger some and affirm others. Apple has become drunk with power... so drunk, in fact, that they honestly believe their users will put up with anything they do. What will it take for all of the Apple fanboys to get pissed off, or are we forever pathetically committed to a company that thinks it can control our every move? I'm s [...]

2 02, 2010

iPhone firmware updated to 3.1.3

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Apple let loose the 3.1.3 firmware update this morning. Here's what it includes: Improved accuracy of reported battery levels on the iPhone 3GS. Fixed an issue with some third-party applications that wouldn't launch. Fixed a bug that caused some applications to crash when using the Japanese Kana keyboard. If you are running Apple's unmodified iPhone OS, then feel free to press the update button. The iPhone Dev-Team is strongly encouraging people who are Jailbroken and Unlocked to stay away from [...]

1 02, 2010

CTA Presents: The State of the Jailbreak Address

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We follow the Jailbreak/Unlock scene very closely here at CTA… not because our iPhones are necessarily running on T-Mobile (we want 3G not EDGE) but because we don’t want to be restricted in the Applications we install on our Apple mobile devices. Unfortunately for us and for you, there hasn’t been any new iPhone unlocking news for nearly three months. This is partially due to the fact that Apple hasn’t released new firmware in that amount of time… one of the lon [...]

21 08, 2008

QuickPwn: Dev-Team Provides Easier Pwnage (Updated Again)

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Just hours before Apple released the latest version of mobile device firmware, The iPhone Dev-Team released a completely new application called QuickPwn. Earlier today, they developed a very basic and rough, though functional, version of the software available — believe it or not — only for Windows as of now (There is a basic GUI version available now). Their intention was to improve the feelings in the Jailbreak Community so that not every release is Mac-only right away. Read mor [...]

12 08, 2008

Installer.app 4 Beta Now Available Via Pwnage Tool 2.0.2

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We were pleasantly surprised to see that Installer.app made it into this weekend’s Pwnage Tool Update for Mac OS X. With that said, we weren’t really impressed with the implementation of what used to be everyone’s favorite app source. Read all about it after the break, but for now we’re sticking with Cydia… […]


12 08, 2008

What Jailbreak Apps Are You Missing? (Updated)

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As you may have guessed, we have gone ahead with the jailbreak thanks to the iPhone Dev Team’s new release of the Pwnage Tool version 2.0.2. We’ve been really busy working on getting our iPhones running firmware 2.0.1 and all of the jailbroken apps without any issues. We finally have it, but it definitely was not without difficulties. Read about our frustrations with the process and the apps we wished we still had from firmware 1.1.4 after the break… [...]