4 01, 2012

The third Apple TV should remain a digital media receiver

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No matter how you look at it, the TV industry is a race to the bottom.  Every manufacturer tries to outdo the other by improving capabilities while lowering the price.  Just five years ago, I bought a 32-inch 720p LCD TV that I thought was generously priced at $1100.  Two years after that, I bought a 46-inch 1080p LCD TV for $50 less than the first.  Looking at the current market prices, I could buy a better quality 46-inch 1080p LED TV for $600.  That's a slap in the face. Honestly, I'm willing [...]

15 02, 2011

Apple cripples iBooks for jailbreakers – Updated

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**** Updated 1/15/12 **** Most of you are coming into this post with the latest 5.0.1 jailbreak because it broke your iBooks app just like the 4.2.1 jailbreak in 2011.  Thankfully, there's a fix for you too.  Just today, @saurik put out an update to Corona in Cydia.  Version 1.0-4 is the latest edition of Corona and it's supposed to fix your iBooks issues.  Try that and you should be good to go. I just recently updated my iPhone to 4.2.1 thanks to the greenpois0n jailbreak.  Yes, I jailbreak... [...]

14 02, 2011

Apple is slowly alienating its friends

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We tried to come up with a movie reference that compares Apple to the popular kid who loses all of his friends due to poor choices but we failed to think of one.  Obviously, they have the hottest items on the market, just like the cool kid in high school... but they are making choices that will leave them without any friends.  Call it greed, call it obsession -- they could end up destroying some important relationships with their recent shenanigans. Sony has been trying to get out of the iTunes [...]

20 05, 2010

Apple integrates Rotten Tomatoes into iTunes Movies

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Here's something that no one expected to see: most of the popular movies in iTunes have Rotten Tomatoes reviews integrated directly into the movie's information page. The picture above comes from the Avatar info page. We found a few movies like Sherlock Holmes (great movie, definitely worth seeing) didn't have the tomatometer just yet. We expect that it's still a feature that's rolling out to all of the movies... we just discovered it today. We're actually excited about the partnership. We use R [...]

26 04, 2010

Wireless sync coming to the iPhone

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... but not from Apple. The video below is a very quick demonstration of wireless sync for the iPhone. It's so quick that it's hard to believe. But both Engadget and MacRumors are pointing to this as real software... so we thought we'd at least mention it. We here at CTA have been waiting and waiting for wireless sync capabilities for the iPhone. There's really no reason it shouldn't exist already. The developer of this software is actually using a standalone application that he claims will be a [...]

20 02, 2010

No sex in the champagne room (App Store)

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We’re sure that Chris Rock never wanted us to use that joke in reference to the availability of iPhone porn, but we did anyway… sorry. Over the past week, developer after developer has been told by Apple that their applications were too risqué for the App Store. That’s one giant leap backwards for mankind. Please remember that the statements below are generalities (We’re not obsessed with porn nor do we have any opinion on the matter). Since the App Store launched bac [...]

29 09, 2008

Apple Makes Our Work More Difficult… Nearly Impossible

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We really hate complaining about Apple but they've given us way too much fodder recently. Go ahead, check your computer's iTunes App Store... You'll notice that there's no longer links to the handy dandy "All iPhone Applications," "All Free iPhone Applications," "All iPod Touch Applications..."  In fact, there's no way, shape or form that you could see what was just released today, yesterday, or the day before. Apple has completely axed our way of scouring the App Store and looking for new, grea [...]

22 09, 2008

Pwnage Tool & QuickPwn Now 2.1 Compatible (Updated!)

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***Update*** Looks like the windows version of quickpwn is out. We did it on our brand new iPhone 3G 16 GB… all we can say is nice! Worked like a charm. Let us know your results in the comments! P.S. Anyone who has news about — please share. ***End Update*** Remember what we said about iTunes 8 would need a patch to allow pwange? Well, it seems that we — The Dev Team as well — were wrong but thankfully! iTunes 8 no longer requires a hack to install the cu [...]

15 09, 2008

Apple’s App Store Policies Sketch? Yep.

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Remember Netshare (Now completely banned from the App Store as of Septemer 13th)? How about Box Office (Replaced with “Now Playing”)? Well it appears that there’s a new app that’s been rejected without probable cause: Podcaster. It’s designed to exist as a podcast manager on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Apple explained to the developer that it “assists in the distribution of podcasts, it duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes.” Re [...]

11 09, 2008

Dev Team Vs. Apple : Fight!

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Before you get your panties in a wad… if your device is already pwned, it will continue to function normally and will work totally fine with iTunes 8. If you haven’t pwned your iPod Touch or iPhone yet but are looking into it, then you have some more work to do. It seems as though Apple is still battling the Dev Team’s antics at least somewhat: iTunes 8 no longer allows you to restore an unpwned device with custom firmware, your device must first be pwned or iTunes 8 must be [...]