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26 04, 2010

Is Steve Jobs the new Vito Corleone?

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We've avoided covering the supposed iPhone prototype leak for the pure reason that it's not the type of news that we want to support with this website. The recent events in the prototype saga are no longer about a device but morality as a whole. Let's recap incase you've some how missed the whole story unfold. Please, remember we're not condoning either side's actions... but this information is unsettling at best. Back in March, an Apple iPhone engineer (whose name we'll be gracious enough not t [...]

2 02, 2010

iPhone prototypes and new model numbers

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Several sources are now claiming reference to new iPhone model numbers in the 3.2 SDK (and some in today's 3.1.3). Appleinsider also checked with their sources on a picture submitted to Engadget about the iPhone shown in pre-iPad release photos. Rumors say that the already-lucky Engadget got even luckier without realizing it. The iPhone in the picture is indeed the next generation device that will most likely launch this summer. It's unusual for pictures to be leaked, and it means even less for [...]