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19 05, 2010

Game Center isn’t coming in iPhone OS 4.0

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We're pretty sure that this hasn't been addressed by the mass media just yet, so we thought we'd fill you in. OpenFeint and Plus+ have some hope for prolonged existence: Apple's latest release notes explain that Game Center is not coming to iPhone OS 4 when it's released. The software is merely there for developers to try it, test it and critique it. It specifically says in the release notes to play with it, but don't submit any apps that support it on iPhone OS 4.0. There's even a little blip a [...]

6 04, 2010

Cocoa Touch Apps is covering the Apple Event on April 8th

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We've brushed off our liveblogging software and have made a few improvements for you. We've included all of our social networking functionality of the main site into the liveblog. Sign in with any of the 6 available accounts to comment. The sign in process is all handled externally, securely and we don't store your passwords anywhere on the site. There's no need to refresh the page as all of our updates and comments get pushed to you live. We've also built a great mobile version of the liveblog. [...]

5 04, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0 event this Thursday, April 8th

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We were off by a day, but thank the almighty powers that be, iPhone OS 4.0 SDK will be announced this Thursday. Many news outlets are reporting invites to the event, which will be held on Apple's Cupertino campus. It's not too often that Apple holds an event on a Thursday, but at this point, we don't care. We've commented that Apple needed to announce an SDK if we were really going to see something new come out this summer. Lo' and behold, it's this week. Some are complaining that it's too soon [...]

26 03, 2010

Explicit apps and iAds from Apple: iPhone OS 4 on its way.

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Earlier this evening, several sources reported a few interesting tidbits about Apple's intentions for the coming weeks. It looks like Apple is continuing work on the rumored "explicit" category for applications. They're also said to release a new product called "iAds" (the name appears to be pure speculation) on April 7th. Let's hit the explicit category first... we've been very vocal about the content that Apple approves and then denies access to the App Store. We hope you haven't forgotten abo [...]