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14 04, 2010

Facebook Video Player for iPad

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The name really says it all. Facebook Video Player for iPad is a new app from Kemal Taskin & Elma DIGIT@L. This app is -- I mean this seriously -- one of my favorite apps on the iPad. I guess I would consider myself a Facebook junkie but my wife is a lot worse so I don't feel that bad. Love you, babe. One of the biggest complaints about the iPad, iPhone and/or iPod touch is its lack of Flash. I've been brainwashed into thinking that Flash sucks by Apple (in truth, it really does... at least on t [...]

11 04, 2010

Cocoa Touch Apps iPad Unboxing

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Nothing too fancy here, just a quick little unboxing movie we shot last weekend. We were surprised with a couple things: Apple went with the old bulky power adapter because of the higher wattage -- and -- they're shipping desktop size stickers with the iPad... interesting. Pardon the quality, we shot it on our 3GS. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel: youtube.com/cocoatouchapps. Please comment and rate! [...]

3 02, 2010

iPad’s camera pulled in the eleventh hour?

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A new set of photos appeared this week that showed a camera mold within a currently shipping iPad bezel. We're not quite sure what to think here... it makes sense that Apple could have pulled the camera last minute due to a consistent issue in testing. We're surprised that repair companies are purchasing legitimate parts for this device already. It is not typical for knock-offs to be ready before a device actually debuts, and it's very unusual for someone to spend enough time with a part that th [...]