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14 04, 2010

Facebook Video Player for iPad

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The name really says it all. Facebook Video Player for iPad is a new app from Kemal Taskin & Elma DIGIT@L. This app is -- I mean this seriously -- one of my favorite apps on the iPad. I guess I would consider myself a Facebook junkie but my wife is a lot worse so I don't feel that bad. Love you, babe. One of the biggest complaints about the iPad, iPhone and/or iPod touch is its lack of Flash. I've been brainwashed into thinking that Flash sucks by Apple (in truth, it really does... at least on t [...]

6 04, 2010

The iPad doesn’t break the bank, but the apps do.

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Paul Miller, we hate you... not really. We've been putting off this post until this evening so we could give it the full attention it deserves. During our evening rounds, we spotted this post over at Engadget. Thanks, Paul. We want to be a little more blunt with our writing but at least we know that we're not alone. One thing that we've noticed since the introduction of the iPad App Store: app prices are ridiculous. We're not saying that developers don't deserve to be paid for their efforts, but [...]

19 03, 2010

Developers, submit your iPad apps now… seriously, go.

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Apple sent out an email this morning to all of the developers in the App Store giving them the green light on their iPad apps. It's a very interesting move... most developers haven't even seen an iPad and have only been able to test their apps in the iPad simulator. TUAW's Erica Sadun presents an interesting point of view, explaining that "the simulator uses many Macintosh frameworks and libraries, offering features that are not actually present on the iPhone. Applications that appear to be comp [...]

19 02, 2010

Apple ups the app size for 3G downloads

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In a somewhat surprising move, Apple actually increased the 3G download size to 20MB from the previous 10MB. If you were out and about trying to download applications on your iPhone, you were only allowed to download it if the app size was 10MB or smaller. That size was increased to 20MB today. It appears that it's not world-wide. Some countries are still reporting the 10MB cap, but thank goodness U.S. AT&T customers are good... otherwise we might see some serious uproar. This is great news for [...]