24 04, 2015

Best Baby Monitor for Audio and Video Connections

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When I found out I was pregnant, I went crazy with checklists. By the third trimester, we had almost everything on our lists. The one thing we couldn't decide, however, was the best baby monitor. Do we spend $30 on a cheap audio-only monitor with poor quality? Is it worth spending $200 or more on a single-function video monitor that we’ll only need for a year or so? In this modern world, we expected a better option. After extensive research, we found the best baby monitor was actually an iOS app [...]

26 02, 2015

Apple Sent Invites to March 9 Event, and I Wasn’t Invited

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This morning, Apple announced an upcoming event by way of sending invitations to the party, and yours truly is not on the guest list. I’m not at all bitter about missing the event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. The affair will begin March 9 at noon here in the lovely state of Texas (10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern). I’ll probably be eating lunch or obsessively refreshing one of a hundred different liveblogs from the select few in attendance. Who knows? The invit [...]

4 01, 2012

The third Apple TV should remain a digital media receiver

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No matter how you look at it, the TV industry is a race to the bottom.  Every manufacturer tries to outdo the other by improving capabilities while lowering the price.  Just five years ago, I bought a 32-inch 720p LCD TV that I thought was generously priced at $1100.  Two years after that, I bought a 46-inch 1080p LCD TV for $50 less than the first.  Looking at the current market prices, I could buy a better quality 46-inch 1080p LED TV for $600.  That's a slap in the face. Honestly, I'm willing [...]

16 04, 2011

TweetBot: a Twitter client with functionality and style

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When I initially heard about TweetBot, I thought, "Dear, God... another Twitter client for the iPhone?"  After reading tweet after tweet coming through our @socialapples twitter account, I finally decided to take it for a spin.  I didn't know what to expect.  I heard that the user interface design was amazing; that it was better than the actual Twitter application (what isn't?) and that people were impressed with the amount of thought that went into the app.  When you enter the twitter client ma [...]

4 03, 2011

Apogee Jam available March 31st

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Were you wondering where the Guitar input came from during Apple's Keynote on Wednesday, we were.  Gizmodo dug it up and determined that it is the Apogee Jam: studio quality guitar input for iPad, iPhone and Mac (we assume they're including the iPod touch as well).  The adapter converts your signal from 1/8" jack analog to USB.  You can use Apple's 30-pin connector for iOS devices or USB for the Mac.  Starting March 31, you'll be able to pick this up for $99.  Apogee says this on their website: [...]

3 03, 2011

GarageBand and iMovie coming to iOS

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A large portion of Apple's Keynote this morning was a demo of iMovie and GarageBand for iOS.  On Apple's iMovie page, it states specifically that it is only compatible with iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4th generation.  There are no requirements listed for GarageBand, but we'd assume that it requires newer devices as well (at least iPhone 3GS).  Let's talk about iMovie first. We've heard many people wonder why they couldn't manipulate photos and movies on their iOS device... for a long time n [...]

15 02, 2011

Say goodbye to your favorite apps

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With the introduction of Apple's new subscription/in-app purchasing rules, you're going to see many developers jumping ship.  We've been stewing on this all day but ran into this Gizmodo post by Matt Buchanan that literally says everything we wanted to say.  Seriously, give it a read... we're not usually Gizmodo junkies, but that's a well-written piece. Ultimately, everything comes down to this: many apps that you like -- Rhapsody, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Kindle, Nook, etc. -- will be jumping sh [...]

29 12, 2010

Paper books should come with digital copies

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This holiday season, I faced an unexpected, challenging dilemma: I had a few books to buy but I didn't know where -- or how -- to buy them.  First there was the argument of digital or old-fashioned paper.  On the paper side, you have to choose between hardcover and paperback... that's not too difficult.  The digital side has the option of buying through the iBook Store -- this assumes that Apple's iPad will continue to be the best digital reader on the market -- or play it safe with Amazon and d [...]

20 10, 2010

Dev Team releases a new and improved Pwnage Tool

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The new Pwnage Tool came out this morning right before Apple's Live event.  Obviously, we didn't have time to cover it... and we won't be able to cover it fully until we jailbreak our iPhone 4 and Apple TV here at the office.  But, we'll go ahead and get you the pertinent information so you know what you're getting into. In addition to the slew of already existing iOS devices, the Apple TV is now hackable via the Jailbreak from Pwnage Tool.  At this point, it's not a feature-rich jailbreak.  The [...]