2 08, 2010

27-inch iMac gets eSATA courtesy of OWC

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One of the biggest additions to the 27-inch iMac this past week (at least to the hardware-obsessed) was an extra SATA port on the logic board.  The extra port is for the lucky purchasers who have the money to dump into the SSD option.  Instead of making a different logic board for the upgraded machines, they included the port in every 27-inch model.  This is great news for those of us who like to get our hands into the hardware. I'm actually an Apple-Certified technician, so please make sure you [...]

26 07, 2010

New desktops and Starcraft 2 on their way this Tuesday **Updated**

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iMac and Mac Pro supplies are running low at the Apple Stores and Starcraft 2 is coming on Tuesday.  Tuesday could be the best day since the Steam release for the Mac Gamers in the audience.  The iMacs are well overdue for an internal upgrade... not a re-design, just a spec bump.  The Mac Pros... well, they're running dangerously old processor generations that has put them pretty far below the bar for power users.  We're hoping to see a complete re-design of the Mac Pro since it (and it's predec [...]