15 02, 2011

Apple cripples iBooks for jailbreakers – Updated

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**** Updated 1/15/12 **** Most of you are coming into this post with the latest 5.0.1 jailbreak because it broke your iBooks app just like the 4.2.1 jailbreak in 2011.  Thankfully, there's a fix for you too.  Just today, @saurik put out an update to Corona in Cydia.  Version 1.0-4 is the latest edition of Corona and it's supposed to fix your iBooks issues.  Try that and you should be good to go. I just recently updated my iPhone to 4.2.1 thanks to the greenpois0n jailbreak.  Yes, I jailbreak... [...]

1 02, 2011

The Kindle app’s days are numbered

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In a surprising chain of tweets this morning, we heard news that Apple rejected the Sony Reader app from the App Store due to the process which customers purchase eBooks.  We did a little searching and found this MacRumors article detailing the issue. Apple denied the Sony app because it allowed customers to purchase content directly from Sony and circumvented the typical in-app purchasing that we've come to love and loathe.  Instead of sharing the customary 30 - 70 split between Apple and the d [...]

29 12, 2010

Paper books should come with digital copies

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This holiday season, I faced an unexpected, challenging dilemma: I had a few books to buy but I didn't know where -- or how -- to buy them.  First there was the argument of digital or old-fashioned paper.  On the paper side, you have to choose between hardcover and paperback... that's not too difficult.  The digital side has the option of buying through the iBook Store -- this assumes that Apple's iPad will continue to be the best digital reader on the market -- or play it safe with Amazon and d [...]

18 02, 2010

iBooks may be non-transferable

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But that's only if the publishers choose to go that route. Apple will be allowing partnered publishers access to FairPlay DRM for the books that make it into the iBooks Store. This means that Apple's surprising use of the ePub format amounts to very little. Publishers could literally choose to wrap their books in FairPlay so that we could never transfer our iBooks to other book readers. Lame. To give a brief history: Apple developed the FairPlay DRM scheme for the music industry and has since ad [...]

3 02, 2010

Textbooks are definitely coming to the iPad

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In fact, they've broken through the flood barrier. According to the Wall Street Journal, McGraw-Hill Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt K-12, Pearson Education, and Kaplan have all reached iBook deals with Apple this week. Some are also in negotiations with ScrollMotion to develop their interactive textbooks. We predicted that the introduction of the iPad could change how we see digital textbooks and the education industry as a whole. We also think that education has the most potential for thi [...]

30 01, 2010

iPad Analysis Part One: The Software

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Let us first preface this post with the statement that we’ll probably still buy an iPad because we do find it revolutionary… in software, not hardware. Part One of this editorial will focus on the amazing software that Apple included in the iPad. The mainstream media has put too much focus on the hardware and not enough on the magical software that they have developed. We’ll tackle the hardware in Part Two because we think it’s important to address. Think of it this wa [...]

29 01, 2010

Walt Mossberg asks Steve Jobs the hard questions… sort of

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The video below shows Walt Mossberg talking to Steve Jobs right after the event on Wednesday. Mossberg asked Steve some interesting questions that hinted to the belief that 10 hours isn't enough battery life for an eReader... we'd disagree. I'm not going to read for 10 hours at a time and that's exactly what Steve gives as a response. He also addresses the pricing of eBooks on the iPad... Steve says that "the prices will be the same." It also becomes apparent that the iPad will have 140 hours of [...]