9 03, 2015

Best Water Bottle for Leach-Free Drinking – Updated 2017

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I don't necessarily look like the kind of guy who would review water bottles, but I have a very good reason for my obsession: I live in Colorado. I'll explain why my location plays an important role in this best water bottle recommendation shortly. I just want to stress why it's important I make the best recommendation possible. That's why I'm taking a few paragraphs to explain the ridiculously long process and requirements we created for this review. If you don't care about the background, just [...]

30 10, 2013

New Google Glass Hardware

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Google shows off updated Glass hardware with earbud and prescription support A day after inviting members of its Explorers program to swap their old frames for new ones, Google Glass is showing the world what the latest model looks like. In a post on Google+, the company shows a slightly modified version of Glass that includes a removable mono earbud. Google pulled the wraps off their new Google glass hardware update yesterday. All current Glass users will be eligible for a 1-time swap out to th [...]

12 11, 2010

iPhone 4 metal backcase review

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About a month ago, did a piece on a brushed metal backcase for the iPhone 4.  We loved the look of it and decided to grab one for ourselves so we could put it to the test.  It looks like there's been such an overwhelming demand for metal backcases (plates, whatever you want to call them) that the company responsible is shipping multiple options.  We purchased the beveled gunmetal backcase if you're interested in this one.  Otherwise there's plenty of options to choose from on their webs [...]