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4 02, 2011

Verizon iPhone 4 cannot be unlocked

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This post will put all of the rumors to rest: you will not see an unlock for the Verizon iPhone. We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the complication involved with the Verizon iPhone unlock is two-fold: it's completely illegal, and every unlock would require carrier-specific adjustments to succeed. If you were to follow @MuscleNerd and @pytey on Twitter, you too would have come across this information.  The conversation started with MuscleNerd tweeting this: An "unlock" of next week's i [...]

17 02, 2010

Hulu making videos available to Cocoa Touch

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We already have a YouTube app that makes our lack of Flash a little less painful, but many of us are getting a lot of video content from Hulu lately. We don't rely on it to serve up all of our videos -- we find ourselves navigating the TV networks' websites on a semi-frequent basis -- but having the option to play shows directly from Hulu would definitely be nice. The fine folks over at TechCrunch have supposedly spoken with people deep in the business who claim that Hulu is already working on a [...]