6 02, 2009

App Store Music – Shazam

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I know all of us have heard a song on the radio that we just can't remember who sings it or the name of the song - I haven't come across that situation in a while now thanks to Shazam.  It's been around for a while, but we're just now getting to it.  Essentially, you can use your iPhone's built-in microphone and stick it next to your speaker, press tag and with a good internet connection, you'll find out who and what the song is.  The song is then saved for later in the tags section of the app. [...]

5 02, 2009

App Store Games – Mafia LIVE!

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For all of the MMO players out there, I have a new app for you.  Aftershock innovations has a new game out call Mafia LIVE!  It has a limited story-line but I find the gameplay to be very addictive.  You start out the game without family, friends or any extras.  You have to complete jobs and compete with other mafia families to make money and advance through the levels.  If you have friends with iPhones, encouraging them to play will net you both some extra advantages.  Be sure you send them an [...]

21 11, 2008

CTA Update & Our Recent Favorite Games

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Obviously, we just posted some new updates to the site.  Does that mean we're back?  Not really.  Sorry if we got your hopes up.  As we've noted before, we'll still be posting updates as we have time.  We actually had the latest posts sitting in the reserves... we hope you enjoy them.  Some great games for the iPhone and iPod Touch have come out in the last month that we really want to mention... quickly.  We'll be working on full reviews for them later. Fieldrunners - It's a tower-based strateg [...]

21 11, 2008

Now Playing: Local Movie Show Times and Ratings

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After a brief stint as the controversial Box Office, many movie-goers’ most useful app is back in the App Store but under a different moniker: Now Playing. We haven’t done a full review on this free app yet, so we thought we’d let you know it was available for free and explain a little bit more about its functionality all in one swing. Did we mention that it’s free? […][...]

26 09, 2008

Wurdle — A Word Puzzle Game

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Wurdle is a great game that we’ve really begun to enjoy as of late. We first saw it pop up in the top paid applications last week… decided to buy and guess what? A week later, we’d really like to tell you that it’s a new (to us) twist on word games and definitely worth the miniscule $1.99. Read all about it after the break. […]


22 09, 2008

Pwnage Tool & QuickPwn Now 2.1 Compatible (Updated!)

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***Update*** Looks like the windows version of quickpwn is out. We did it on our brand new iPhone 3G 16 GB… all we can say is nice! Worked like a charm. Let us know your results in the comments! P.S. Anyone who has news about Customize.app — please share. ***End Update*** Remember what we said about iTunes 8 would need a patch to allow pwange? Well, it seems that we — The Dev Team as well — were wrong but thankfully! iTunes 8 no longer requires a hack to install the cu [...]

18 09, 2008

Super Monkey Ball

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Not a full-fledged review here, but we thought that we could finally recommend this application now that it’s at version 1.01. It appears as though the latest release fixed the accelerometer to make gameplay a little easier and relieved our biggest frustrations with the app. Take a look after the break for a short write-up… […]


15 09, 2008

Apple’s App Store Policies Sketch? Yep.

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Remember Netshare (Now completely banned from the App Store as of Septemer 13th)? How about Box Office (Replaced with “Now Playing”)? Well it appears that there’s a new app that’s been rejected without probable cause: Podcaster. It’s designed to exist as a podcast manager on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Apple explained to the developer that it “assists in the distribution of podcasts, it duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes.” Re [...]

10 09, 2008

Another Day Comes and Goes

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Yesterday marked yet another day that Apple Fan-boys dream about: Steve Jobs gave his Let’s Rock keynote address to a small media crowd in California. We don’t know about you, but we were on the edge of our seats the whole time just waiting for that “One more thing…” Unfortunately, it never came. Believe it or not, pretty much everything that showed up yesterday was predicted by the media, and no one was surprised. What happened, Apple? Where’s our “O [...]

19 08, 2008

Palringo Has Been Updated. Verdict: Amazing.

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We reviewed Palringo a couple of weeks ago and weren’t able to give it the review we wanted to give. We were very impressed by the newest update of the application, so we thought we should post the update in a completely separate post. Read on for our main reasons to make this your default Instant Message client for your mobile device… […]


3 08, 2008

ezimba — Photo Editor for the iPhone or iPod Touch (Updated!)

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ezimba is a new application available in the iTunes App Store that allows you to quickly adjust or tweak photos in your Photo Library or pictures you’ve just taken that were placed in your iPhone’s Camera Roll. We’ll give you the facts and our take on the app, but you should still decide for yourself as we were hoping for a little bit more from this photo editor. If you’re into tweaking your photos with filters, read the rest after the break. If you’re used to wo [...]

28 07, 2008


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What better way to start our Jailbroken app reviews than with Quake4iPhone? It’s not only one the most memorable first-person shooter of all time, it’s playable on your iPhone or iPod Touch. We’ll tell you right now, this app is still in the development stages, but we couldn’t resist writing an initial review. It is fantastic, but you can read about that after the break. […]


27 07, 2008


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If you’ve ever played Chuzzle or Bejeweled, you’ll easily be able to pick up on this variant. It seems as though it is impossible for game developers to escape or even resist building from the hype those games have brought to portable gaming. This app, however, takes the concept into a new direction that makes the gameplay enjoyable and unique. Trism (Developer-defined as a mash-up of triangle and prism) plays very much like Bejeweled in the sense that the player must move the ite [...]

26 07, 2008


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If you’re at all like me, you get bored of the same old restaurants but don’t want to spend hours looking through the phonebook (who does that any more?) to find a new place that sounds good. Even if you do that, there’s always the risk that you won’t enjoy the food or the ambiance. Yes, there are websites that can help with this: most major metropolitan areas have several places where you can go to find new stuff and see what gets great ratings. Well guess what… [...]