1 02, 2011

The Kindle app’s days are numbered

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In a surprising chain of tweets this morning, we heard news that Apple rejected the Sony Reader app from the App Store due to the process which customers purchase eBooks.  We did a little searching and found this MacRumors article detailing the issue. Apple denied the Sony app because it allowed customers to purchase content directly from Sony and circumvented the typical in-app purchasing that we've come to love and loathe.  Instead of sharing the customary 30 - 70 split between Apple and the d [...]

29 12, 2010

Paper books should come with digital copies

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This holiday season, I faced an unexpected, challenging dilemma: I had a few books to buy but I didn't know where -- or how -- to buy them.  First there was the argument of digital or old-fashioned paper.  On the paper side, you have to choose between hardcover and paperback... that's not too difficult.  The digital side has the option of buying through the iBook Store -- this assumes that Apple's iPad will continue to be the best digital reader on the market -- or play it safe with Amazon and d [...]