19 03, 2010

Developers, submit your iPad apps now… seriously, go.

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Apple sent out an email this morning to all of the developers in the App Store giving them the green light on their iPad apps. It's a very interesting move... most developers haven't even seen an iPad and have only been able to test their apps in the iPad simulator. TUAW's Erica Sadun presents an interesting point of view, explaining that "the simulator uses many Macintosh frameworks and libraries, offering features that are not actually present on the iPhone. Applications that appear to be comp [...]

24 02, 2010

Apple’s dictatorship has lasted long enough

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By now, almost everyone is familiar with the fact that Apple "allows" us certain privileges with the iPhone OS. Be warned: this is an editorial piece that will most likely anger some and affirm others. Apple has become drunk with power... so drunk, in fact, that they honestly believe their users will put up with anything they do. What will it take for all of the Apple fanboys to get pissed off, or are we forever pathetically committed to a company that thinks it can control our every move? I'm s [...]