20 10, 2010

Dev Team releases a new and improved Pwnage Tool

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The new Pwnage Tool came out this morning right before Apple's Live event.  Obviously, we didn't have time to cover it... and we won't be able to cover it fully until we jailbreak our iPhone 4 and Apple TV here at the office.  But, we'll go ahead and get you the pertinent information so you know what you're getting into. In addition to the slew of already existing iOS devices, the Apple TV is now hackable via the Jailbreak from Pwnage Tool.  At this point, it's not a feature-rich jailbreak.  The [...]

2 08, 2010

Ultrasn0w for 4.0.1: T minus 48 hours

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A tweet from @planetbeing this evening stated that he (and @MuscleNerd) have a working unlock that is ready to go with the iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0.1.  They've been testing it privately and -- after today's jailbreak -- are testing it in an exclusive beta for the next 48 hours. After that point, as long as they don't run into anything glaring, we should see Ultrasn0w for every iOS device running firmware version 4.0.1.  Please keep in mind that the unlock is not yet supported for iOS 4.1.  In fact, A [...]

26 07, 2010

Library of Congress says Jailbreak/Unlock is legal

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For once in my life, I like the government.  The LoC has determined that jailbreaking or unlocking your mobile device is completely legal.  There's not much more to say than that.  Ever since the first iPhone jailbreak appeared, legality was a question in everyone's mind.  You own the device, shouldn't you be able to modify it in any way you see fit?  The LoC thinks so. The biggest part of this ruling is the potential that Apple will need to extend their warranties to the unlocked/jailbroken com [...]

1 02, 2010

CTA Presents: The State of the Jailbreak Address

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We follow the Jailbreak/Unlock scene very closely here at CTA… not because our iPhones are necessarily running on T-Mobile (we want 3G not EDGE) but because we don’t want to be restricted in the Applications we install on our Apple mobile devices. Unfortunately for us and for you, there hasn’t been any new iPhone unlocking news for nearly three months. This is partially due to the fact that Apple hasn’t released new firmware in that amount of time… one of the lon [...]