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24 07, 2010

Apple calls out another phone for signal issues… again

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During the iPhone 4 press conference last week, Steve Jobs showed us the first few videos of their new web series: "Hey, these phones suck too."  We got a peak at BlackBerry, Samsung and HTC all demonstrating the same signal issue as the iPhone.  Since then, they've dedicated a whole page on their website to the accusation of other mobile companies.  They followed the pilot episode by adding the Nokia N97 Mini: this appeared to be directly related to Nokia's blog response.  We came across episod [...]

18 07, 2010

iPhone 4 press conference: “Antennagate”

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Steve Jobs called the iPhone 4 signal debacle "Antennagate" on Friday.  While explaining Apple's current public relations nightmare to the press, Steve explained what we've been wondering from the first whisperings of the problem... there's not really a problem.  We have more proof; and it's something they would never show you.  Watch the video above and you'll see our editor, Josh Carr, knocking out the signal on an iPhone 3G, an iPhone 3G[S] and an iPhone 4 (we would have included the 1st gene [...]

13 07, 2010

iPhone 4 death grip… it’s hardware

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I'm surprised that so many people have this wrong... so surprised that I had to break my own rules and actually write a news article before our August launch date. The media has it wrong.  The iPhone 4 death grip does cause signal issues, but it's only on some iPhone 4's.  All of the mainstream news sources claim that it's just the way the iPhone 4 was designed.  If you hold the iPhone 4 like the picture to the right, you'll be able to kill your signal in some service areas with bad reception.   [...]