20 02, 2015

Best iPhone 6 Sports Armband

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It is every runner’s dilemma: what essentials should I have with me when I run without impeding my stride? In case of an emergency, you’ll probably want your phone, identification, and maybe a credit card or a little cash. I haven’t had to worry about this since my last half marathon in January of 2013. Yet, as I set my goals for the 2016 Houston half-marathon, I'll have this dilemma again soon. To fix this problem, I set out to find the best iPhone 6 sports armband to help me accomplish my goal [...]

15 03, 2011

PixelSkin HD Wrap Case for iPad 2

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Speck is a very well known manufacturer of Apple cases.  I have their products on my iPhone, my MacBook Pro and eventually on my iPad 2.  The PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad 2 is the first case design that hasn't made me cringe.  I love their desire to mimic Apple's Smart Cover design.  I was a little disappointed to learn that it didn't include the necessary sleep magnet to lock and unlock the screen like the Apple-branded case.  I've heard whisperings of patent infringement... if they included the [...]

12 11, 2010

iPhone 4 metal backcase review

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About a month ago, did a piece on a brushed metal backcase for the iPhone 4.  We loved the look of it and decided to grab one for ourselves so we could put it to the test.  It looks like there's been such an overwhelming demand for metal backcases (plates, whatever you want to call them) that the company responsible is shipping multiple options.  We purchased the beveled gunmetal backcase if you're interested in this one.  Otherwise there's plenty of options to choose from on their webs [...]