18 10, 2010

Verizon iPhone 4 rumors persist

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To be honest, we’re extremely tired of writing about the potential Verizon iPhone. Everyone knows that the iPhone 4 exclusivity contracts are either recently expired, will expire soon or invalidated by AT&T’s terrible representation of a great Apple product. We can’t pick one source for this article… it’s been discussed by countless sources since the 1st generation iPhone came out in 2007. Instead of getting your hopes up, we’ll give you all of the reas [...]

26 07, 2010

Library of Congress says Jailbreak/Unlock is legal

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For once in my life, I like the government.  The LoC has determined that jailbreaking or unlocking your mobile device is completely legal.  There's not much more to say than that.  Ever since the first iPhone jailbreak appeared, legality was a question in everyone's mind.  You own the device, shouldn't you be able to modify it in any way you see fit?  The LoC thinks so. The biggest part of this ruling is the potential that Apple will need to extend their warranties to the unlocked/jailbroken com [...]

23 07, 2010

Apple is automatically refunding bumper purchases

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After last week's press conference, I was debating between getting a refund on my iPhone 4 bumper or just "buying" another case through Apple's free case program.  If you look at the picture above, you'll notice that Apple made my decision for me... rather, their computers made my decision for me. Apple has initiated automatic refunds for all customers who purchased the iPhone 4 bumper.  Initially, it looked like everyone was told to go online, fill out a form and claim their refund... that's ob [...]

11 04, 2010

Cocoa Touch Apps iPad Unboxing

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Nothing too fancy here, just a quick little unboxing movie we shot last weekend. We were surprised with a couple things: Apple went with the old bulky power adapter because of the higher wattage -- and -- they're shipping desktop size stickers with the iPad... interesting. Pardon the quality, we shot it on our 3GS. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel: Please comment and rate! [...]

26 03, 2010

Jobs and Schmidt meet for coffee… say WHAT?!?

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There have been countless reports about the souring relationship between Apple and Google... Apple has never stepped into the search market (and shouldn't) but Google continues to slap Apple with conflicts of interest like the mobile phone market, the introduction of Chrome browser and the inevitable Chrome OS. So, in a surprising move -- one that has the CTA staff baffled -- the two head honchos met for coffee a little earlier this afternoon. I. Don't. Believe. It. Just looking at the first pic [...]

24 02, 2010

Apple’s dictatorship has lasted long enough

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By now, almost everyone is familiar with the fact that Apple "allows" us certain privileges with the iPhone OS. Be warned: this is an editorial piece that will most likely anger some and affirm others. Apple has become drunk with power... so drunk, in fact, that they honestly believe their users will put up with anything they do. What will it take for all of the Apple fanboys to get pissed off, or are we forever pathetically committed to a company that thinks it can control our every move? I'm s [...]

20 02, 2010

No sex in the champagne room (App Store)

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We’re sure that Chris Rock never wanted us to use that joke in reference to the availability of iPhone porn, but we did anyway… sorry. Over the past week, developer after developer has been told by Apple that their applications were too risqué for the App Store. That’s one giant leap backwards for mankind. Please remember that the statements below are generalities (We’re not obsessed with porn nor do we have any opinion on the matter). Since the App Store launched bac [...]

17 02, 2010

The true cost of iPhone search

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Over the last week, many news sources have picked up on the rumored amount Google is sending Apple each year for the lone spot as the iPhone search provider. Over $100 Million a year seems to be the going rate for that privilege, but people are beginning to question that partnership, some even suggesting that Apple is working on a deal with Microsoft's new service, Bing. Google recently rebuked those claims by stating that their relationship with Apple is a valuable partnership. Vic Gundotra, Go [...]

22 08, 2008

Apple Tells AT&T Customers to Update: Does Nothing

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This afternoon at 12:05 PM Mountain Time, we received a text message from AT&T on behalf on Apple.  Read for yourselves, it says that there has been an update available from Apple for your iPhone 3G since Monday.  Great.  So what?  This update was obviously intended to improve the 3G connectivity that AT&T and pretty much every other carrier has struggled with.  The sad and pathetic part of it:  Apple and AT&T think it's crucial enough to send a text message to every iPhone 3G owner. [...]