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14 04, 2010

Facebook Video Player for iPad

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The name really says it all. Facebook Video Player for iPad is a new app from Kemal Taskin & Elma DIGIT@L. This app is -- I mean this seriously -- one of my favorite apps on the iPad. I guess I would consider myself a Facebook junkie but my wife is a lot worse so I don't feel that bad. Love you, babe. One of the biggest complaints about the iPad, iPhone and/or iPod touch is its lack of Flash. I've been brainwashed into thinking that Flash sucks by Apple (in truth, it really does... at least on t [...]

5 02, 2010

Guess what? The iPad is pretty cheap to build

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According to recent analysis of the parts Apple's using in the iPad... it could cost them as little as $270 to build the base model of the iPad. There are also manufacturing costs and warranty costs estimated at $10 and $20 respectively. That's still pretty darn good. They'll make a lot of profit off of me when I buy the 64GB version. :) In fact, each level you go up, Apple's making exponentially more profit. There's a cost difference of $75 between the 16GB and 64GB Flash chips, but Apple's mak [...]

1 02, 2010

iPad Analysis Part Three: The Conclusion

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We hope that you’ve read both part one and part two so you understand the current software and hardware that will be available in the iPad. In this final installment of the iPad trilogy, we’ll take everything we’ve learned from those articles and define how revolutionary the iPad will truly be. We learned about some pretty incredible revisions of software for the iPad as Steve made the announcement. The fact that Apple finally put iWork (Keynote, Pages and Numbers) on the Co [...]

31 01, 2010

Apple removes fake Flash ads from the iPad promotional video

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Remember the speculative post we wrote about the fact that the iPad is showing Flash content in Apple's promotional video? Well, it's been replaced with a non-Flash version that shows the infamous blue lego. It appears as though we're never going to see Flash on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch... especially with Steve's comments from the Apple town hall meeting. We're not terribly disappointed with Apple's decision to avoid Flash... we're more disappointed with the fact that most sites are using [...]

29 01, 2010

iPad may have Flash after all… Updated: nope.

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That or Apple is doctoring their device videos. During the keynote presentation on Wednesday, the iPad ran into several infamous blue legos of death. That means the device they were using for the presentation was not running Flash... this is not debatable. However, several sites have come to report that the promotional video of the iPad shows Flash content. The picture to the right is from the iPad video on Apple's website. In it, the iPad is browsing a website that displays a food ad on the lef [...]

27 01, 2010

Apple introduces: iPad 3G and a Wifi-only version

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In hopes to make the new device more accessible for the masses, Apple announced the iPad at multiple price points during the keynote this morning. It’s a new device (we’re unsure if it’s revolutionary) that’s built specifically upon the iPhone OS. It’s a very handy, cool device, but we still feel it’s for a niche market instead of every house in the nation like the iPod. While we can see some very practical applications to it, there are still a lot of quest [...]