15 02, 2011

Say goodbye to your favorite apps

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With the introduction of Apple's new subscription/in-app purchasing rules, you're going to see many developers jumping ship.  We've been stewing on this all day but ran into this Gizmodo post by Matt Buchanan that literally says everything we wanted to say.  Seriously, give it a read... we're not usually Gizmodo junkies, but that's a well-written piece. Ultimately, everything comes down to this: many apps that you like -- Rhapsody, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Kindle, Nook, etc. -- will be jumping sh [...]

14 02, 2011

Apple is slowly alienating its friends

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We tried to come up with a movie reference that compares Apple to the popular kid who loses all of his friends due to poor choices but we failed to think of one.  Obviously, they have the hottest items on the market, just like the cool kid in high school... but they are making choices that will leave them without any friends.  Call it greed, call it obsession -- they could end up destroying some important relationships with their recent shenanigans. Sony has been trying to get out of the iTunes [...]

1 02, 2011

The Kindle app’s days are numbered

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In a surprising chain of tweets this morning, we heard news that Apple rejected the Sony Reader app from the App Store due to the process which customers purchase eBooks.  We did a little searching and found this MacRumors article detailing the issue. Apple denied the Sony app because it allowed customers to purchase content directly from Sony and circumvented the typical in-app purchasing that we've come to love and loathe.  Instead of sharing the customary 30 - 70 split between Apple and the d [...]

28 10, 2010

Spookly the Square pumpkin comes to the App Store

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It’s no secret that we’re a fan of Oceanhouse Media’s work here at CTA. They do a great job bringing classic children’s books to life through the App Store (they do much more than that, here’s a link). They recently added the Berestain Bears books to their collection but their most popular titles are the Dr. Seuss books they’ve published. Continuing their very successful run in the App Store, they’ve introduced The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpki [...]