21 07, 2010

Surprise! All cell phones have issues.

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Let’s face it folks, cell phones, whether we want to admit it or not, are released with bugs, issues, and a host of other problems that might crop up through normal, daily use. This fact was put on full display during Steve Jobs’ ‘Antennagate’ press conference last week when he highlighted common problems with antenna reception. The videos of a Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile phone experiencing similar dropped call issues illustrate that cell phones are asked to perform ideally in anythi [...]

18 07, 2010

iPhone 4 press conference: “Antennagate”

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Steve Jobs called the iPhone 4 signal debacle "Antennagate" on Friday.  While explaining Apple's current public relations nightmare to the press, Steve explained what we've been wondering from the first whisperings of the problem... there's not really a problem.  We have more proof; and it's something they would never show you.  Watch the video above and you'll see our editor, Josh Carr, knocking out the signal on an iPhone 3G, an iPhone 3G[S] and an iPhone 4 (we would have included the 1st gene [...]