11 04, 2015

Sony MDR-7506 iPhone Mod for Detachable Cables – Updated 2018

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**2018 Update - Since we produced this article in 2015, there have been many technology shifts. Including the removal of the headphones jack on many smartphones. To account for this, we've added a new headphones recommendation to the site. Check it out here.** After a lot of research, screw turning, and soldering, I'm excited to share the Sony MDR-7506 iPhone mod with you. Let's back up a little bit to explain why I made these headphones iPhone-compatible. To me, "Beats" is a bad word. Dr. Dre w [...]

24 07, 2010

Apple calls out another phone for signal issues… again

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During the iPhone 4 press conference last week, Steve Jobs showed us the first few videos of their new web series: "Hey, these phones suck too."  We got a peak at BlackBerry, Samsung and HTC all demonstrating the same signal issue as the iPhone.  Since then, they've dedicated a whole page on their website to the accusation of other mobile companies.  They followed the pilot episode by adding the Nokia N97 Mini: this appeared to be directly related to Nokia's blog response.  We came across episod [...]

21 07, 2010

Surprise! All cell phones have issues.

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Let’s face it folks, cell phones, whether we want to admit it or not, are released with bugs, issues, and a host of other problems that might crop up through normal, daily use. This fact was put on full display during Steve Jobs’ ‘Antennagate’ press conference last week when he highlighted common problems with antenna reception. The videos of a Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile phone experiencing similar dropped call issues illustrate that cell phones are asked to perform ideally in anythi [...]

19 02, 2010

Google kills more iPhone innovation

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This hasn't been covered much in the media yet, but we feel it's important to explain what happened with reMail and why it's been removed from the App Store (per Google). reMail was an application, available for iPhone and iPod touch, that "re-imagined" the mobile email experience and was recently purchased by Google. It provided a powerful search tool for your email and really did some things better than the default iPhone mail client. The founder, Gabor Cselle, is no stranger to the online wor [...]

17 02, 2010

The true cost of iPhone search

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Over the last week, many news sources have picked up on the rumored amount Google is sending Apple each year for the lone spot as the iPhone search provider. Over $100 Million a year seems to be the going rate for that privilege, but people are beginning to question that partnership, some even suggesting that Apple is working on a deal with Microsoft's new service, Bing. Google recently rebuked those claims by stating that their relationship with Apple is a valuable partnership. Vic Gundotra, Go [...]

1 02, 2010

CTA Presents: The State of the Jailbreak Address

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We follow the Jailbreak/Unlock scene very closely here at CTA… not because our iPhones are necessarily running on T-Mobile (we want 3G not EDGE) but because we don’t want to be restricted in the Applications we install on our Apple mobile devices. Unfortunately for us and for you, there hasn’t been any new iPhone unlocking news for nearly three months. This is partially due to the fact that Apple hasn’t released new firmware in that amount of time… one of the lon [...]