22 10, 2010

The HTML5 plot thickens… Apple bans Flash

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Apple has decided to stop shipping Flash pre-installed on their devices beginning with the newly released MacBook Air. No one was really sure what to expect when news broke that the MacBook Air didn’t come with Flash out of the box. There were a lot of cool things to ship along with the MacBook Air: the higher resolution displays, the USB restore drive, the solid state memory… but those pale in comparison to the potential political statement they’re making by removing Flash. [...]

22 10, 2010

Adobe reveals a switchable HTML5 video player

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The HTML5/Flash battle between Apple and Adobe has been anything but pretty ever since Steve Jobs wrote his Thoughts on Flash article in April. Adobe responded in May with an ad campaign that targeted Apple’s closed ideologies. Ever since then, both companies have kept relatively quite on the matter until Wednesday when Apple decided to ship the new MacBook Air without Flash pre-installed. It comes as no surprise that Adobe would come back with a much more “open” standard fo [...]