8 02, 2011

Hands on with Verizon’s Pantech UML290 4G LTE modem

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No, we're not a Verizon blog (we're still on AT&T) but we have had the opportunity to put a lot of the new Verizon gear through the paces lately.  Our latest frolic was with the Pantech UML290 from Verizon.  It's the first 4G-capable, Mac-compatible modem available from Verizon.  The modems have been available from VZW for a couple months but they weren't Mac-compatible.  Thankfully, VZW pushed out an update to the VZAccess Manager software last week... we downloaded, installed and tested ri [...]

3 11, 2010

T-Mobile dominates AT&T with new ad

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T-Mobile (USA) just started airing a new ad on TV that directly attacks AT&T and Apple. Well, not so much Apple as AT&T’s crummy network restrictions. No one is a fan of the numerous handicaps AT&T places on iPhone customers… handicaps that don’t exist on other networks. Verizon and now T-Mobile have been very vocal with their competitive offerings. In fact, they like to take AT&T restrictions and advertise the snot out of them. If we liked Android, we wouldn [...]

18 10, 2010

Verizon iPhone 4 rumors persist

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To be honest, we’re extremely tired of writing about the potential Verizon iPhone. Everyone knows that the iPhone 4 exclusivity contracts are either recently expired, will expire soon or invalidated by AT&T’s terrible representation of a great Apple product. We can’t pick one source for this article… it’s been discussed by countless sources since the 1st generation iPhone came out in 2007. Instead of getting your hopes up, we’ll give you all of the reas [...]

28 02, 2010

2011: the year of LTE

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Several news sources have recently reported that AT&T has finally signed the papers authorizing Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson to get cracking on the infrastructure necessary for the transition to LTE (4G). That's not very big news... but it could be tremendous for those of us who have had continuous issues with the AT&T network since the introduction of the iPhone. We're still very adamant that any network would have terrible service with the massive amount of extra data iPhone users eat through o [...]