9 02, 2009

App Store Lifestyle – MacGourmet

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Just released at the end of last month, MacGourmet is meant to allow you to sync your recipes from the Desktop Client to your Apple Mobile device.  The only catch, it doesn't work.  I'd consider myself to be pretty dang tech savvy, but if I can't figure this out, I'm left to wonder how many people will be able to do just that. In theory, this could be a really advantageous app, if you use the desktop versions of MacGourmet or MacGourmet Deluxe (Great software by the way) then you could really si [...]

21 11, 2008

CTA Update & Our Recent Favorite Games

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Obviously, we just posted some new updates to the site.  Does that mean we're back?  Not really.  Sorry if we got your hopes up.  As we've noted before, we'll still be posting updates as we have time.  We actually had the latest posts sitting in the reserves... we hope you enjoy them.  Some great games for the iPhone and iPod Touch have come out in the last month that we really want to mention... quickly.  We'll be working on full reviews for them later. Fieldrunners - It's a tower-based strateg [...]

24 08, 2008

No. 2 — A Sophisticated Sketching App

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[rating: 7] No. 2 is a sketching app available from a well-known mobile device developer, Lint Labs (aka miniMusic). It is most definitely a sophisticated and powerful application that will allow you to create some very appealing works of art right on your iPhone or iPod Touch… However, the learning curve that comes with the application will make you wonder if it’s worth it. […]


27 07, 2008


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If you’ve ever played Chuzzle or Bejeweled, you’ll easily be able to pick up on this variant. It seems as though it is impossible for game developers to escape or even resist building from the hype those games have brought to portable gaming. This app, however, takes the concept into a new direction that makes the gameplay enjoyable and unique. Trism (Developer-defined as a mash-up of triangle and prism) plays very much like Bejeweled in the sense that the player must move the ite [...]

23 07, 2008

MLB at Bat

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This one’s for all of the baseball nuts out there. Some call me foolish, others understand the necessity for a hardcore fanatic to follow every game, out and pitch of his favorite team… mine just happens to be the Colorado Rockies. I once had a friend ask me, why the Rockies? Yes, they’ve only been around since 1993, but it was about that time when I started to play baseball and really enjoyed watching a new club rise to success. After an unbelievable streak last year that e [...]