I’m not a football guy. Everyone assumes I love it because I look like a 300-pound lineman. I have the perfect build for it… but it was never my thing. However, these last few weeks, I’ve been paying attention to the Broncos because of Tim Tebow.

Since I live in Denver, Tebow is the only thing football fans talk about right now. How does one start a friendly conversation with a 300-pound lineman? They talk about Tebow. I’ve been hearing his name since the first game, “They should let Tebow play.” Once that happened… there was no going back. Denver has been Tebow-crazy for the last three months and I started doing something I never thought I would: watch football regularly.

At first, it seemed like I ruined Tebow. As soon as I started watching, they lost three straight games — Patriots, Bills, and then the Chiefs. It was a brutal way to meet the “Jesus of Football.” Ending the season with an 8-8 record didn’t seem that impressive to me. Then, during the Steelers game, I saw what everyone gossiped about: a miraculous finish to a game that probably should have gone the other way.

Please understand that I know football — the rules, the players, the strategy — I just never became a diehard fan of any team or player.

So I took a deep breath and started looking into this Tebow guy. I realized that he had an 8-4 record with the team… that’s not bad. It was only at this point that I started piecing together the puzzle: people liked him for his personality and his limited win record. They believe that he has some sort of divine connection with God because of his ability to come back and win the game. His overtly religious attitude, his team-centered optimism, his never-ending acts of kindness — Tebow has everything the typical football fan wants to see. He is the positive role model that so many of us expect from athletes (and that so few of us find). If you still need more proof, read Rick Reilly’s ‘I Believe in Tim Tebow’ article on ESPN.

I watched the game tonight; it was a mutilation of every sort. I wasn’t disappointed in Tim Tebow… I was disappointed in the fair-weather Broncos fans that criticized him for a poor game. I didn’t see a bad game from Tim Tebow: I saw something completely different.

I saw a defensive line that couldn’t keep up with Tom Brady’s pace. I saw an offensive line that couldn’t hold it together. I saw Tebow throw a wealth of passes that were never caught. I saw Tebow scramble out of trouble more times than I could count. Most quarterbacks would’ve been sacked ten times in this game; Tebow was lucky to only get five. Wow, five sacks. That’s pathetic to any offensive line. The Patriot’s defense ranked 31st in the NFL: that’s second to last. Any offensive line that breaks so often to the 31st best defense should be ashamed to leave the game uninjured.

I’m a Tim Tebow fan. Not because he’s got a divine connection through his arm, but because I believe he’s a great person and a great quarterback. When given a team that works well together, he shines. Tonight, the Broncos didn’t show up for a playoff game. That’s not Tebow’s fault. Cold, tired, jet-lagged, whatever — they failed to play like a team, protect their quarterback and put up a fight. I’m still not a Broncos fan, but I’ll keep an eye on Tim Tebow.

All of the fair-weather Broncos fans can go straight to hell… you heathens. :D

Josh Carr
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