You’re not entitled to anything.

So many of us think that we deserve something because of a good thing we did or a bad thing someone did to us. Truth is, no one deserves anything. I really can’t stand people who think they are entitled to… anything. “You owe me.” “You should’ve done it this way.” That’s not how life works. Well, it’s not how life should work. So many people go through life spoiled by the people around them that we, as Americans, have come to believe that every good deed should have a reward.

I fail to see the logic in that.

If I’ve helped you out and didn’t accomplish everything you wanted me to do, does that mean I owe you something? Hahaha, no. It definitely does not mean I owe you anything. It means that, for whatever reason, something you expected to be finished wasn’t finished. There are a lot of factors that could tie into that: I could just suck at life, there could be miscommunication, or you could just suck at life. The reason behind the failure isn’t important to me. People who feel like they always deserve more… they make me angry. The sad thing I’ve noticed in the last few years: the more money you have the stronger your sense of entitlement becomes. Most people living a frugal life would never dream of feeling entitled. Most rich people think about it every day. That’s just my perspective.

I recently met someone who openly advertised their “Believer” status. It’s easy to have a surface level conversation with someone about Christian music, church, bible studies, etc. — most of us don’t realize, however, that it’s not the surface level interactions that form our spiritual personalities. At one point, I overheard this person dishing dirt to one friend about another friend… not something that we as “Believers” should do under any circumstance. If something needs to be said, it should be said face to face instead of behind their back to people who should love them no matter what. As “Believers,” we’re called to love our brothers and sisters in Christ without hesitation — yes, it is most certainly hard but Christ loves us and died for us even thought we are, collectively, unworthy. Later on, we ended up discussing entitlement and he said something that bothered me, “I don’t believe in entitlement, but sometimes you expect more than what someone will give you.”

Isn’t that exactly what entitlement is? You expect something. You don’t get it. You complain about it. Two-faced Christians bother me more than anything else on this planet. They claim to be strong believers but every interaction you have with them says “I want you to judge me.” What happened to the trying to live a Christ-like attitude everyday? Do “Believers” even try to do that any more? I know I do, and fail miserably but it’s hard to relate to a two-faced Christian… they don’t respect anyone but themselves.

This applies to every situation in life. The next time you feel like you deserve something, check yourself. Entitlement makes otherwise great people look like the devil.

Josh Carr
Josh founded eciov in 2008 and has overseen it's evolution into a lifestyle site. He enjoys all things digital, art, music, creativity -- anything that can evoke emotion. If he's not working on this site or at his day job as a UX Engineer, he's out riding his motorcycle or jumping his truck on trails in the mountains.
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